When it comes to golf betting, people are usually overly focused on picking the outright winner of the concerned tournament.

Although being able to correctly pick the winner is a huge skill and something you get bragging rights for, it isn’t easy to do, nor is it very practical when it comes to profiting from golf betting over the long term. So even if you know whom to back at big tournaments like Augusta Masters, you should be very careful about punting on the tournament winner market.

Let’s take you over some of the most commonly made similar mistakes made by the golf punters that cost them heavily in the long run. Another example is golf punters placing their bets with unreliable and unknown online bookmakers. It’s very important that you bet only with a reputed and trustworthy entity like Redbet.com/en/sports. Onto more mistakes now!

Not diversifying

As stated above, punting everything you’ve got on the tournament winner market can be equated to putting all your eggs into one basket. Great if you come out as a winner, but if your pick finishes at any place but the first, you’d lose your bet and everything you had staked. Rather, you should be diversifying your bets and punting on different golf betting markets. That way, you’d be significantly improving your chances of emerging a winner overall.

Not having enough golf knowledge

It’s silly to bet on a sport if you don’t know enough about it. You should know golf in and out if you wish to bet on it, including its rising talents, top players and all the major golf courses. There is no point betting on golf if you are not even aware how its scoring works. Although you could still bet on it just for entertainment, you’d soon find yourself losing a lot of money. Here’s all you need to know about golf if you’re a budding golfer as well as a golf punter.

Getting caught up with the season and career data

Although season and career data can be immensely helpful in giving you a better idea about a specific golfer, you shouldn’t get caught up in such statistics. A lot also depends on how well the golfer has been playing of late and what stage of the season it is. So, rather than focusing excessively on the statistics, you should also factor in the player’s recent performances.

Punting only on the tournament winners

Considering the number of players who usually enter into a golf tournament, it can be very difficult to guess the winner straight up. For instance, there were over 10,000 entries at the US Open in 2014! No matter how good the chances of a specific golfer might be, there are always other elite golfers who might have an even better showing in the event. Hence, try avoiding going all-in on the tournament winner market.

Backing only the favourites

Based on everything that we’ve discussed above, it’s obvious that you shouldn’t be betting only on the favourites. Instead, you should be hunting for value picks, based on the current form of the players and how they’ve fared in the concerned tournament in the past. Some other important information you must factor in includes the performance of the player against certain competition and how he/she has fared at different stages of the golf season.