“I was ‘out-of-contract’ and I went in to one of these PGA superstores in America and I must have spent a couple of hours trying on every pair of shoes.

There were rows of them – it just goes on forever – and I walked out with a Skechers pair. I thought ‘these are the most comfortable here. I will buy these’.

That’s how the link started with Skechers. I wore them and I believe I won with them – I actually bought the product.

I have worn all the brands that we associate with golf and these are the most comfortable ones of all.

And if you are walking six or seven miles a day as we do – and you are getting older and your feet are getting flatter and you need to be careful – these are the most comfortable out there.”


“Someone had worked out that I’d walked around the world and I am actually at Singapore on my next lap so, if you have walked that distance, you understand. If you are setting out on that, the first thing you would do is say right ‘what shoes am I wearing?’

What’s on my feet? Number 1. It’s a superb product and I am delighted with it.

It’s a super shoe. It looks the part. It gives me support and great support in the back. I don’t like shoes that don’t have enough heel and you feel like you are walking out of them.

This has a good three inch heel and it really fits. I like that. I’ve got wide feet. I can still wear thick golf socks as well. There’s no problem there at all.

Colin Montgomerie

“It can’t just be comfortable. You can wear a training shoe and that’s fine but you are not going to have the support, or the stability. This is both.

Am I prepared to play my best? At any time? Yes I am. I am prepared to play my best with this new Skechers product. Definitely. Every one comes out of the box and go.”

Colin Montgomerie will wear the Skechers GO GOLF Pro 2 during the 2017 campaign