Our Cobra King Pur wedges review took place at Moor Allerton in Leeds and conducted by me, a 17 handicapper, and NCG digital journalist Craig Middleton, who is off 13.

Cobra King Pur wedges review – First impressions

Cobra King Pur wedges review

There’s an awful lot to like about the new King Pur wedges from Cobra from an aesthetic point of view.

The finish is clean and stylish and there’s added shelf appeal from the unique groove cut out of the bounce on the sole of the club.

At address these wedges are intimidating at all.

One problem with specialist wedges is that they are often designed with tour players in mind.

Anyone who has a fairly chunky set of game-improvement irons probably won’t appreciate the leap to skinny blade.

The Cobra King Pur wedges will make for an easy transition while at the same time I don’t think they will put off the better players at all.

Good all-rounders I’d say.

Cobra King Pur wedges review – The technology

Cobra King Pur Wedges review

These feature wider grooves and closer gapping in the higher lofted wedges. Cobra have kept the traditional thinner and deeper grooves on the lower lofted wedges.

The wider grooves allow your higher lofted wedges – 56 to 60 degrees – to grab the ball, giving off more spin to help you control the ball around the greens.

The finish isn’t just about looking nice – it helps to reduce glare from the sun at address.

We’ve got three sole options here.

The Versatile sole features heel and toe relief and a medium bounce (8-10 degrees) to provide overall versatility on medium to firm turf conditions.

The Classic option has a high sole bounce (11-12 degrees) and progressively wider sole from heel to toe for ease of use on all turf conditions.

The WideLow option has a low bounce (4-7 degrees) that works well on medium to soft turf conditions.

Cobra King Pur Wedges review – The results

Cobra King Pur wedges

We tested out the 56-degree with the Versatile sole which was a good option for a variety of shots.

Mainly chipping around the practice green at Moor Allerton, we also tested it out of the bunker and on full shots from 80-90 yards.

These wedges have a very user-friendly feel and fill you with plenty of confidence on full

For delicate shots around the green, there’s a nice soft sound and feel which adds to their appeal and makes them fun to play with.

Cobra King Pur Wedges review – NCG Verdict

Cobra King PUR wedges review

At £89 a wedge we think you’re really getting decent value here – for the looks alone you’d expect to pay a bit more than that.

There’s also top quality shaft and grip options so it’s a pretty decent package on offer.

It can be quite hard to look past the more well-known ‘tour’ brands when it comes to specialist wedges, but we would definitely recommend you giving these a try as they deliver on all fronts.

Take the time to get the right combination of loft and bounce by going through a fitting with your pro. The type of turf you play on and the way you deliver the club are key factors here.

These are your scoring clubs so take the time to get them right.


Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Golf S200
Grip: Lamkin Crossline
Available: Now
Price: £89

More information can be found on the Cobra website.