Cobra F9 hybrid and fairway wood reviews: The results

From our early launch monitor testing, it’s clear that these clubs are right up there from a ball speed and distance point of view.

I love the looks and the feel off the face too.

Cobra F9 hybrid

The Tour fairway wood, which has a more compact shape, was really good fun to hit and even seemed a bit more user-friendly off the deck than the regular model.

Cobra F9 hybrid

It will be really interesting to compare the numbers from the F9 fairway and hybrids with the other brands’ new kit.

I have a feeling Cobra are going to be very strong in 2019 with all their woods.

Cobra F9 hybrid and fairway wood reviews: NCG verdict

I really like the way Cobra offer plenty of options.

You’ve got the regular or the tour fairway wood and you can go variable or One Length in the hybrid.

The One Length Hybrid is such good fun to use. It feels like a junior club when you first get it in your hands.

But then you start hitting it and it’s just so easy to get the ball launching high and far.

It can certainly take a bit of stress out of golf and add a bit more fun.

Cobra F9 hybrid

There are also two different colour options with the fairway woods.

And with the addition of the Cobra Connect sensors in the grip to track your stats via Arccos – they really are a company offering things which others aren’t.

The clubs are loaded with technology, they look and feel great and produce numbers which are as good as anything else on the market.

I think the very least Cobra deserve is that you give their clubs a try in 2019.

Cobra F9 hybrid and fairway details


Tour: 12˚-15˚ or 16˚-19˚

3-4: 13˚-16˚, 5-6: 17˚-20˚, 7-8: 24˚-27˚

SRP: £219


Lofts: 17˚, 19˚, 21˚, 24˚

SRP: £179

More information can be found on the Cobra website.