Cobra have some fantastic new product available for 2017 so we gave four readers the chance to get fitted into a new F7 driver, F7 fairway wood, Oversized irons and the F7 One Length irons.

The Cobra custom-fitting reader day took place at The Shack at Moor Allerton in Leeds where expert fitter Joe Folker was on hand to guide our readers into the right gear.

Here’s how they got on…

Cobra custom-fitting reader day – King Oversized irons

Cobra custom-fitting

Andrew Lamb
Handicap: 15
Club: College Pines

What the fitter said: “Andrew wasn’t looking for distance. He was looking for tighter dispersion and more consistency.

“His own 7-iron was carrying about 170 on average with a few going left and a few going right – there was no real consistency.

“We tried a few shafts and ended up with the Dynamic Gold AMT S300. The shaft in his current irons was very light. With the heavier shaft he instantly felt happier and like he could feel where the club face was.

“It lowered the spin slightly, gave him a bit more distance and a tighter dispersion.”

Cobra custom-fitting

Cobra custom-fitting reader day – King F7 fairway wood

Cobra custom-fitting

Archie Qualtrough
Handicap: 11 (projected)
Club: Woodall Spa

What the fitter said: “First of all we looked at how far his current fairway wood and hybrid were going. And it was very similar in terms of the carry.

“We got him into the F7 fairway with the 5-6 head which has a loft range from 17-20˚ and started in the highest loft.

“We used a shorter shaft, put the weight in the back and settled on 19.5˚ in the draw setting.

“We got about 25 yards more carry than his current hybrid which was a decent gap.”

Cobra custom-fitting

Cobra custom-fitting reader day – King F7 Driver

Cobra custom-fitting

Ian Beaumont
Handicap: 6
Club: Huddersfield

What the fitter said: “Ian was hitting his best drives which was nice but it was a challenge to make sure he got the most out of a new driver.

“He preferred the look of the F7+ head with a matt finish and a more compact appearance. We settled on the Fujukura XLR8 61 Pro shaft.

“We gained four yards of carry and tightened up the dispersion compared to his current driver. We were able to take a bit of spin off because he launched it naturally quite high.”

Cobra custom-fitting

Cobra custom-fitting reader day – King F7 One Length irons

Cobra custon-fitting

Ian Dickson
Handicap: 19
Club: West Lancs

What the fitter said: “We got Ian in a lighter flex shaft from the steel-shafted irons he was currently using and he instantly improved.

“We gained about 15 yards with the F7, 7-iron compared to his current 7-iron.

“Ian was sold on the One Length concept so we used the same shaft for the F7, 5-iron. At the moment the longest iron he is comfortable with is a 6-iron.

“We got some good results with the 5-iron although it was a little bit inconsistent at first. The fitting process with One Length is to go back to the 7-iron, then we went into the 9-iron.

“The gap between 9 and 7-iron was perfect. We then went back into the 5-iron and started to see some more consistency.

“It’ll be really interesting to see if he uses the 5-iron out on the course.”

Cobra custom-fitting

Cobra custom-fitting day – NCG verdict

It was clear to see all of our readers made positive gains after going through the custom-fitting process and getting dialled into the new Cobra gear.

But it only really matters how this affects things out on the course.

So we are going to give our readers a chance to get used to their new gear at their home clubs and then we’ll report back to see if there have been any improvements with their scores and handicaps.

Stay tuned…

More information can be found on the Cobra website.