NCG tests: Cobra AMP Cell Pro driver

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NCG's team of experts review all the latest kit independently. Find out what they thought of the Cobra AMP Cell Pro driver...

Testers’ comments

JW: It looks like I’m hitting an orange! It feels good though and you realise it’s a serious club. I prefer a driver that is a bit livelier off the face.
JL: It sits very nice but I don’t like the grey bit at the back. The head colour is an acquired taste. I didn’t hit this especially well for some reason.
DM: I like the head shape and the orange is quite cool but I didn’t get anything to write home about in terms of results.

The details

TESTERS: James Whitaker (JW, pro), Johnny Lawrence (JL, scratch), Dan Murphy (DM, 4)
SRP: £319

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