Machrihanish Dunes. Gorgeous, isn’t it? A course that makes you swoon at the very sight of it.

Flowing from and along the sea, with the Isle of Islay in full view, there are few spots more breathtaking to take in a round than at this Argyll haven.

Harking back to the days of Old Tom Morris, this is golf as it was intended – natural and against the elements.

That was deliberate. Architect David McLay Kidd used the lie of the land to design the course, rather than changing it to suit his plans.

Machrihanish Dunes

The only course ever created on a Site of Special Scientific Interest, of the 259 acres on which it sits just seven were moved when it was constructed.

The tees and greens were shaped. Everything else was left as it was first found.

Even the mowers are used sparingly at Machrihanish Dunes.

As the architect says on the club’s website: “For maintenance we will do a little mowing, but will mostly rely on the wandering sheep to keep the fescue in check – just like the old courses used to do.”

With the links land protected by the Scottish Government and the dunes ever changing, you’ll play shots here you would never usually countenance.

It’s an approach that has seen the layout, which opened in 2009, showered with awards.

From lofty positions in rankings lists, the chiefs who run it have also been recognised for their determination to protect the environment.

Only last year, the International Association of Golf Tour Operators hailed Machrihanish Dunes for “outstanding commitment to sustainable golf”.

With several protected species of flora and fauna found on the course, can there be another in the world that is quite as natural, or as green, in its outlook?