With its three courses – the Derby, PGA and, of course, the Brabazon – The Belfry is one of Britain’s most popular venues.

It’s actually been around for centuries and was once known as Moxhull Hall. It was a prominent house dating back to the time of Edward the Confessor – one of the last Anglo-Saxon kings.

In the 12th and 13th centuries, it was also a manor for the Knights Templar – the military holy order renowned for the red cross on their mantles and their fighting during the crusades – until they were expelled from England in 1277.

It became what we know as The Belfry in the late 1950s. The first two courses, the Derby and Brabazon, were built in the mid ’70s.

But it was in 1977, when the Warwickshire venue was selected by PGA Europe as its headquarters, that things really started to take off.

The Hennessey Cup, the following year, was the first official tournament to be staged there. It was a clash between Great Britain & Ireland and Europe.

And up against Nick Faldo, Seve Ballesteros did something on the 10th the course designers hadn’t thought probable.

When the Englishman safely found the fairway, the Spaniard hit a massive driver over the trees 280 yards and to around eight feet.

It was a feat considered incredibly unlikely with the old persimmon club heads. A plaque now marks the spot.

The shot put the club on the map and a repeat trick at the 1985 Ryder Cup has also gone down in legend.


Playing in the opening day morning foursomes, Seve – paired with Manuel Pinero – came to the 10th leading 2 up against Curtis Strange and Mark O’Meara.

Ballesteros had already told captain Tony Jacklin what he had in mind. Ripping the driver once again, found the green on his way to a birdie and a win.

This time he went to the left, soaring over the water, but finding the putting surface.

It would prove an important hole as the European pair won 2&1. They took the only point for the home side in the first four matches.

Europe, of course, went on to win 16.5-11.5. Steve’s heroics, though, on the 10th have made the hole one of the most iconic in golf.

Now, unless the prevailing wind makes it impossible, everyone has a go at the green searching for a bit of Seve magic.

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