What's new? How much does it cost? And how does it perform? Nicola Slater brings you the low down on the new Cleveland CBX Full-Face 2 Wedge

Cleveland has just released their latest full-face wedge, the CBX Full-Face 2. Could this be Cleveland’s most forgiving wedge? Let’s put it to the test and see how it performs…

Cleveland CBX Full-Face 2 Wedge review: NCG Summary

4 star review

This is Cleveland’s largest-ever striking area in a CBX wedge. Designed for mid to high handicappers this wedge offers more forgiveness with 13% more contact area than Cleveland’s previous RTX full-face wedge.

With 12 degrees of bounce, this is a great option for any player who needs some assistance around the greens too.


  • Provides visual confidence
  • Effortless to use
  • Looks good


  • No bounce options

First Impressions

Wow! That’s a lot of grooves. Picking this wedge for the first time, the clubface surface area is very impressive. Putting it behind a ball provided so much confidence before even hitting a shot.

As well as looking nice behind the ball, it certainly won’t look too bad in your bag, either. Aesthetically it’s quite a simple design yet looks clean and effective.

NCG Review

I think I need to start by addressing the most obvious feature of this wedge, the face. Cleveland has upped their size game, creating their largest-ever contact area on a wedge. The CBX Full-Face 2 is impressively 13% larger than the previous RTX full-face wedge Cleveland released back in 2021. On top of this, Cleveland has included their UltiZip technology. The grooves on this wedge run edge to edge, meaning forgiveness as well as being sharper, deeper and tighter spaced, to help maximise spin.

Adding to this clubs forgiveness, Cleveland has used HydroZip technology. Each wedge loft has altered grooves, with more laser lines added to the higher lofts. This is to help maximise friction and improve spin control. Different lies and conditions can alter this, so HydraZip aims to provide spin consistency.

Cleveland CBX Full-Face 2 Wedge

Having taken this wedge out on the course and chipped off of several different lies, there was definitely a great amount of spin created. The club laid open quite nicely, and it seemed so effortless to get the ball up in the air and stopping quickly on the green.

This was even more so the case in the bunkers. The ball popped out nicely in the sand, and it didn’t feel like it was trying hard at all. My dad, who plays off of 20, also enjoyed a shot or two. He’s certainly no short-game wizard but found great confidence using it around the green, saying it visually provided a lot of confidence.

Cleveland offer the CBX Full-Face 2 in 6 different loft variations ranging from 50˚ to 60˚. Unfortunately for those left-handed players, this wedge is only available in 52˚,56˚ and 60˚. There is also one bounce option of 12˚. Understandable, as this is designed for mid to high handicappers; however, it may be a limiting factor for some.

Cleveland CBX Full-Face 2 Wedge review: The Details

Available: 15th March

RRP: £159 (steel) £169 (graphite)

Lofts: 50˚, 52˚, 54˚, 56˚, 58˚& 60˚

Grip: Lamkin Crossline 360

More information: Cleveland Golf

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Nicola Slater

Nicola recently graduated from Stirling University where she studied Sports Studies, she wrote her dissertation on barriers to participation for women in golf. Nicola plays her golf at Hickleton and Woodsome Hall Golf clubs, she currently plays off +2. She plays for Yorkshire Ladies and has represented England at junior and senior level.

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