What do you say to your tour players when coming over to the UK to play links golf?

It’s all weather dependant. You’re often trying to bring the flight down and keep it out of the air. A lot of the golf in the US on the PGA Tour is played a lot through the air.

Over here you’re often looking to get the ball on the ground quicker.

Links golf requires a lot more strategy. In the US you’re often taking aim for the flag where as with links golf you’re often aiming 20-30 yards short of the green and letting it roll up.

And you need to learn to use the wind rather than fighting against it. And the key to playing in the wind, is striking the ball well.

Which of your players enjoy links golf?

I think they all enjoy the challenge. Rickie has won at Gullane, DJ has played well on links golf courses many times and really enjoys the challenge. I think they all like it.

Claude Harmon coaching

Do you play much links golf yourself?

I used to play a lot when I lived in Scotland for a few years. I really enjoyed it.

What sort of advice would you offer to handicap golfers playing links golf?

I think you always need to look towards the path of least resistance. And with links golf you really need to try and stay out of bunkers.

If you’re going into bunkers off the tee, it’s going to be really hard to get out of them.

So try and use a club which takes the bunkers out of play and that might mean laying back a little bit.

Speed control on links greens is also very important. Most golfers practice putts from inside five feet and they don’t practice lag putting enough. Around 70 to 80 per cent of your putting will be from 30 or 40 feet.

Work on the speed control first, then dial in the mechanics after that.

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