We hear a lot about ’hidden gems’ at National Club Golfer, so it’s great when we uncover genuinely interesting and little known-stories about the nation’s golf course.
For example, did you know that…

Dick Turpin got drunk between the 14th and 15th holes at Burhill?

You know Dick Turpin, he’s that bloke that was so good at being a highwayman that he was recognized, and faced hanging if caught.


’Back when Highwaymen were a little less… shiny’
So he jumped on to his faithful steed, Black Bess, and rode through the day to York, a journey of 200 miles, where he entered into a conversation with the Lord Mayor, thus being able to claim that ’It couldn’t have been me, because I was here all along’.


Apart from he didn’t, and the epic ride was actually made by another highwayman – John ’Swift Nick’ Nevison – Turpin just stole the story.

What do you expect? He’s a thief…


It turns out it didn’t do Turpin any good anyway – he was hanged in York in 1739.

Anyway, way before all that, when he was still an up and coming young villain, it was said that Turpin would frequent an alehouse, which still stands today and is located – you guessed – between the 14th and 15th holes of Burhill’s Old course.

The Surrey course has no doubt been home to a few ’bandits’ over the years, so it’s fitting that the most famous highwayman of all spent a few drunken evenings at the inn on its grounds.


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