Monaco is an independent Principality located on the French Riviera, next to the Alps and Italian Riviera. Monaco is only 2 km2 in size and is bordered by France on all three sides. It is a playground for the rich and famous. We recommend visiting Monaco at least once in your life for its unique sites and events, which include the:

  • Beautiful Prince’s Palace
  • Casino of Monte-Carlo and the auto show on the street
  • Unforgettable Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix
  • Monaco Yacht Show
  • Incredible golfing experience in the French alps at Monte-Carlo Golf Club

Where to Play Golf in Monte Carlo?

Being only 2 km2 in size, the Monte-Carlo Golf Club is located 30 minutes up into the alps of France. Located on the foothills of Mont Agel, at over 2,500 feet above sea level. The views across the Principality, the Cote d’Azur and the Italian Riviera are breathtaking. This fantastic 18-hole course was designed by Willie Park Jr in 1911. It is worth noting that the maximum handicap is 35 on a weekday and 32 on the weekend.

What to Visit in Monaco?

The Prince’s Palace of Monaco

A visit to the Palace can’t be missed. In summer, when the Royal family is on holidays, the palace is open for tourists. If you head from the Royal palace down to the sea, you will come to a beautiful park towards the Oceanographic Museum. In this park you will find spectacular flower beds. From the park, you can experience a wonderful panorama of the sea and city.

The Casino of Monte Carlo

Another must see whilst visiting Monaco is of course, the magnificent Monte Carlo casino, built by Charles Garnier in 1878. This building was Charles Garnier’s original prototype of the famous Paris Opera House “Palais Garnier”. In front of the casino there is the big square, decorated with flowers, where from here you can take beautiful pictures of this wonderful building. Before entering the casino, watch the limos for a while for a bit of celebrity spotting.

From the early evening, you will find an infinite chain of elegant cars where the very rich casino players are chauffeured into the casino. They then proceed to a VIP section of the casino. Only some of them go to the public halls where thousands of tourists try to catch some luck on the roulette or the slot machines. Nowadays, many prefer betting on a roulette online on casino sites that also offer many other types of games. But if you’re not strict on where you play, you should definitely have some fun in this casino!

Something in the air is different here. Celebrities and millionaires greet each other by the shaking of hands as they pass into the private rooms. Ordinary people can be there by respecting two conditions:

  1. By paying an entrance fee, and
  2. By Strictly respecting the dress code rules

You should visit this casino not only because of the luxurious building and the famous players, but also because of its beautiful gardens and unique serenity.

Where to Stay?

If you are not hoping to spend the night in Princess Grace’s hotel suite at Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo, then you could opt for a more reasonable option to spend the night in small towns on the French Riviera, where hotels are more affordable. Prices are obviously expensive in Monaco and you will not encounter such a concentration of tourists like Monaco, anywhere else on the French Riviera. However, Monaco is truly luxurious and if you would like to be in the heart of it all, we have three options for you:

  • Hôtel Port Palace – A 4-star Boutique beauty with prime Port Hercules views, luxury shops and top restaurants. Located at the centre of the Grand Prix circuit and Yacht Show.
  • Novotel Monte Carlo – This 3-star Novotel Hotel is not your standard chain hotel. Located right beside the train station, in the heart of Monaco. It is a short walk Place du Casino and Grimaldi Forum.
  • Hôtel de France – An affordable 2-star option for Monaco, with budget eateries close at hand. Located less than a 10-minute walk from both the Prince’s Palace of Monaco and Port Hercules.