Still need some last minute Christmas golf gifts for someone you know?

We’ve put together a quick guide to help you out…

ShotScope V2 watch

Shotscope V2

The innovative ShotScope V2 watch combines GPS technology with automatic performance tracking. The device comes in three models – GPS, Pro and GPS+ Track. The perfect gift for a loved one who is passionate about golf.

SRP: £225 from the Shotscope website

Hedgehog Fairway Protector

Hedgehog Fairway Protector

The Hedgehog Fairway Protector trolley wheels provide extra grip for your trolley in muddy conditions and are proven to cause less impact and damage to the fairways.

SRP: From £32.99 from the Hedgehog Golf website

Asbri Golf accessories


Pick up one of these stylish luxury headcovers from logo accessory company Asbri Golf. You can personalise your headcovers with your very own embroidered logo.

SRP: From £21.95 from the Asbri Golf website

GolfBand Christmas Pack

Golf Band

Available for a limited time, the GolfBand Christmas Pack is perfect for any golfer wanting to improve their golf-specific fitness and game. Use the bands at home or on the practice range for strength and conditioning or warm up and flexibility work.

SRP: £19.99 from the GolfBand website

GolfBuddy WTX watch

Golf WTX watch

The GolfBuddy WTX watch is packed full of features, including the ability to show distances to the front, centre and back of greens, as well as hazards.

SRP: £199 from American Golf

Infinity Pro

Infinity Pro

Infinity Pro is a leading manufacturer of power bands, ionic bracelets and magnetic jewellery. They are designed to improve your strength, balance, circulation, flexibility, sleep, mood – among other benefits.

SRP: £24.99 from the Infinity Pro website

Swing Station

Swing Station

A tool designed to provide the visual feedback you need to make sure you have the fundamentals of aim, ball position and stance correctly set up. It works with every club and fits easily into your golf bag.

SRP: £25 from the Triton Golf website (10% off with code NCGSS)

Talon Mk2

Talon MK2

The golf stance – how you set up and address the ball – is fundamental to every golfer’s game, from beginner to professional. The Talon Mk2 is a digital device that easily attaches to the grip of any golf club.

The Talon delivers real-time, quantified feedback on your angles of address, improving muscle memory, consistency and performance.

SRP: £199 from Ojee Golf

A subscription to NCG

Receive a free Big Max Atlantis travel cover bag, which retails at £99.99, when you subscribe to National Club Golfer magazine.

Visit the subscribe section of the website or call 0133 289 3979 and quote NCGBM17BLACK or NCGBM17RED.

Top Caddy

Top Caddy

Top Caddy is the leader in the golf trolley and buggy lithium battery market. They stock 18-hole and 36-hole 12v lithium batteries as well as the market-leading 24v 47ah battery.

SRP: From £599 on the Top Caddy website

Flightscope Mevo

Flight Scope

Mevo is the ultimate portable launch monitor. Smaller than a mobile phone, the ultra-light Mevo syncs to your phone and you can watch videos and analyse data from your shots on the free app.

SRP: From £380 on the Flight Scope website

Plane Swing

The world’s No 1 swing plane aid gives instant understanding and results through feel. It ingrains a powerful and repeatable motion on your ideal swing plane. The unique PowerSlider creates lag and the dynamic position at impact that a roller cannot.

SRP: From £499 on the Plane Swing website

And if you are feeling generous…

Patterson Golf Buggy

Trio golf buggy

Hit the fairways in style with one of Patterson’s range of three and four-wheel buggies. Buggies come with both dry cell or lithium batteries. And you get free bubbly with every buggy order.

SRP: From £1,820 on the Patterson website

JuCad trolleys


German company JuCad sells uniquely elegant golf trolleys boasting extraordinary design and ultra-efficient engineering. The lightweight trolleys are handcrafted from titanium, stainless steel and carbon.

SRP: From £4,395 on the JuCad website