Christiaan Bezuidenhout has come through more than most to reach the top of the game. Here's his incredible story

Christiaan Bezuidenhout has had quite the remarkable life up to this point.

In a player’s blog for the European Tour earlier this year, Bezuidenhout opened up about his troubled childhood that started at the age of two when he accidentally drank some rat poison.

“I was playing outside when I picked up a random Coke bottle, I took a drink of it thinking it was indeed Coke, however it actually contained rat poison,” he wrote. “It was a moment which would change my life forever.”

Bezuidenhout’s stomach was pumped and he developed a stutter that led to anxiety and he spent several years using beta blockers to tackle it.

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He added: “In 2014 however, I had a phone call which would have a huge impact on my golf career. I was playing in the British Amateur at Royal Portrush in 2014 when after my first round I handed my scorecard in and was told that I’d been nominated for a drugs test. I wrote the medication down on the form prior to the drugs test, making no secret of the fact I was using this medication.

“Two months later I was back home when one afternoon my dad phoned me to tell me I needed to come home immediately. I drove straight from practice and he broke the news to me that I had been suspended. I just broke down.”

Bezuidenhout had been handed a two-year ban, later reduced to nine months.

“It was awful,” he said. “It felt like my life was over.”

If you haven’t read Bezuidenhout’s blog, it’s well worth five minutes of your time.