Chris Hanson is a European Tour Professional and a Stromberg ambassador. Here he shows us a quick tip to help improve your driving off the tee.

One of the big things about driving is driving it long.

Look at players like Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson, both very athletic guys who stand very wide to the ball. From that position it allows them to get really good turn into the ball, get it on the inside and hit the ball on the up.

Too many players seem to hit the ball down like an iron swing.

For me it’s all about getting it on the inside and hitting it on the up.

More advice from Chris..

I can’t get past the bogey hole at my club and can’t remember the last time I hit the fairway..

What are you aiming at from the tee? The fairway? Just hoping you hit it straight, not aiming at anything? Or just thinking about the trouble?

You have to dial your self into the smallest possible target! “Aim small, miss small” or at least give your self the chance to miss small!

Where do you want your ball to finish? On the left half of the fairway away from the bunkers down the right.. ok well how about picking the smallest target you can, for example…

A part of a tree on the horizon, an edge of a building, a flag in the distance, or maybe even a darker shade of grass on the fairway…

It could be anything, but once you have selected something, you stare at that as much as you can.

Enjoy hitting more fairways!

Stay tuned for more tips from Chris over the next few weeks.

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