Chris Hanson is a European Tour Professional and a Stromberg ambassador. Here he shows us a quick tip to help improve your decision making on the course.

One of the biggest things you notice when you play with amateur golfers is that they don’t take enough information in.

For example, here we have a par 3 that is 180 yards to the pin. It’s actually 195 yards to the back of the green so there is 15 yards of extra space behind the pin.

At the front of the green there is just 5 yards between the pin and the front edge, and then a run off the front to danger.

So for me the actual yardage is 180 but the actual playing yardage is more like 185/190 yards.

This takes all the trouble out of play, you are playing to the widest part of the green and gives you a better chance of making your par and moving onto the next hole unscathed.

More advice from Chris..

 I hate medals and having a card in my hand – how can I change? 

 You can’t get stuck in the ‘result’ and have to bring it right back to basics and set your self some smaller targets, or some smaller process goals!

I write down three process goals before each round. For example, trust every line on the greens, commit to your target, embrace the challenge…

They’re just examples but they could be anything, try taking your focus away from the result by setting mini goals/tasks that if you complete will increase the chances of you having a good round and more importantly enjoying it!

Stay tuned for more tips from Chris over the next couple of weeks.

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