Equipment editor Hannah Holden takes a look at the Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F30 watch the ultimate GPS watch for all outdoor activities

Looking for a GPS watch but fancy something that you can also use away from the golf course? We tested out the Casio Pro Trek Smart watch an outdoor watch for all activities.

Casio Pro Trek Smart: First Impressions

Straight out of the box this has a really sporty styling especially with in the orange colouring I tested out.

Casio Pro Trek Smart

Casio Pro Trek Smart: The Technology

The main watch display is set to show the time as well as extra information such as altitude, barometric pressure and compass information.

The watch can be paired with the Hole 19 app which provides a high resolution map of over 41,000 golf courses worldwide.The Casio watch will then provide you with distances the the front, middle and back of the green.

It can also be used to count how many shots you’ve had as well as the shot type such as putt, bunker shots and even penalty shots. These are all logged in an electronic scorecard which you can view and share from the app.

Casio Pro Trek Smart

The battery will last 30 hours while using it with an app in golf mode or three days if you are simply using the device as a watch. Like other smart watches you can also notifications from your phone once they have been paired.

Casio Pro Trek Smart: NCG Verdict

The watch is simple to use, once paired with the Hole 19 app you can easily navigate around all the golfing features. Simply use the watch to search for local courses and select where you are playing. You can then either get flyovers and yardages directly from the watch or from the app. The watch is touchscreen so you can use the satellite image to get distances to any target such as hazards or corners of doglegs.

The app provides three options simple, advanced or no scoring. I used the no scoring option most frequently when practising as it allows you to just use the GPS function and not input any scores. This is perfect for people who want a simple GPS system.

The simple option allows you to record your shots so the app can generate statistics on your game after the round. You input data such as how many strokes you’ve had, putts, sand shots or penalties. This is very quick and simple to input when you come off the tee and are walking to the next tee.

Finally the advanced setting features all the GPS and shot recording capabilities as the previous settings. In addition to this you can input your carry distances for all your clubs. The app will then give you recommendations on what club to use when you are out on the course. From you can use the watch to record your shots starting and finishing position and find out if you hit your clubs as far as you think. This is extremely useful for working on course management and knowing accurate carry distances for each club.

Casio Pro Trek Smart

This is a great piece of kit if you do numerous outdoor activities and want to be able to use the functions for everything rather than just having a golf gps.

The watch is also extremely durable, infact it is actually military standard so don’t worry about it getting damaged while you’re out and about. It is also water resistant so no need to worry if you get caught in a down pour or need to pull your ball out of a water hazard.


Available: Now

RRP: £449

More information: Casio website