Callaway’s new HEX Black Tour golf ball made a massive splash on its introduction, helping Phil Mickelson to an incredible final-round 64 that won the Pebble Beach Pro-Am by two shots. 

The brand claim that their engineering advancements – including an innovative dual-core construction, an exceptionally durable cover material and revolutionary HEX Aerodynamics – combine to deliver a five-piece golf ball with better all-around performance characteristics than any previous model. 

The results were clear to see as Mickelson surged to victory, thanks in part to his brilliance around the greens with the HEX Black Tour. 

“I’ve never seen a ball with that combination of short-range control and distance,” said Mickelson.
“I’ve had more fun working on my game with the new HEX Black Tour ball than I have in years because I’ve been able to hit shots around the green that I haven’t been able to hit since the ’90s with wound balls.”

Mickelson probably does not need the help; but for the rest of us mortals a golf ball that offers low spin off the tee, while still providing superior control around the greens, is surely a blessing.   

Callaway have achieved this by optimising their spin separation. Simply put, this is the measured differential between the high spin generated on shorter approach shots into the green and the optimal low spin off the driver for maximum distance off the tee.
"I’ve been able to hit shots around the green that I haven’t been able to hit since the ’90s with wound balls." – Phil Mickelson The HEX Black Tour packs some serious technology. Indeed, each of its five layers are designed with a specific job in mind.

i-Core Technology, a dual core construction that maximises the compression difference between the inner and outer core layers, helps reduce spin off the tee for more distance, while the high compression outer core creates higher spin closer to the green for more control with irons and wedges.  

The ball is also dual mantle, with both the inner and outer mantles comprised of ionomer blends in different ratios to affect the hardness and resilience of each layer. In combination, the soft inner and firm outer mantles protect the high-tech dual core, while still producing powerful ball speeds across a range of swing speeds.

Another feature is the HEX Black Tour’s DuraSpin cover, developed using a unique thermoplastic urethane which, compared to previous materials, significantly prevents marks and scratches throughout the round. 

On the outside layer, Callaway have continued with their patented HEX Aerodynamic dimpling technique, which covers 100 per cent of the ball’s surface area, compared to traditional round dimples that typically cover only 88 per cent. 

The enhanced surface contours also provide the best aerodynamic performance ever in a Callaway golf ball, reducing drag and promoting a stable, penetrating ball flight in all types of playing conditions.

The HEX Black Tour is available now. Expect to pay £39.99 per dozen. 


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