What's new? How much do they cost? And how do they perform? Tom Bullough brings you the low down on the new Callaway Mav X golf shoes

Callaway is a well-established, highly respected golfwear brand, more commonly known for its equipment, but they also have an impressive shoe collection to be considered when thinking of your next pair of shoes. 

So how did we find them? Find out in our Callaway Mav X golf shoe review.

Callaway Mav X golf shoe review: NCG Summary

Callaway Mav X golf shoes
4.5 star review

The Callaway Mav X golf shoes are highly reliable, supportive and subtly stylish.

The simple but functional design allows you to expect comfort from the first tee and a stylish staple for your golfing wardrobe.


  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Lightweight and breathable.
  • Really solid underfoot.


  • The colour scheme may not be for to everyone.
  • Higher price point.

First Impressions

As a product of the Covid generation of golfers with little knowledge of golfwear, I had previously been drawn to traditional, all-white golf shoe. This pair of Callaway Mav’s certainly changed my perspective. The fit was fantastic, securely tight to the foot without restriction – the crush foam midsole technology to thank. The camouflage sole, and white trim adds to a stylish finish of an updated classic black golf shoe.

callaway mav x golf shoe review

Definitely a style to consider if you continue playing golf through the spring and winter months and easily tire of cleaning all-white shoes. Equally, the material lends itself well to an easy clean with nothing more than a damp towel or wipe. That said, they probably won’t get much use in the high season as I’m easily drawn to a lighter shoe to match the weather when playing during brighter days. Nevertheless, it’s great to have the option!

On Course Testing

I started the shoe test as most people would, around the house hitting the occasional putt across the living room carpet. They felt comfortable, moulded around my foot well and had me excited to put them to test on a local, heathland 18 holes course. They also didn’t have unnecessarily long laces, which can be an irritation of mine.

We were lucky with the weather; it was a calm day with no rain and a teasing of sunshine at times. There had been some rainfall in previous days which made certain areas of the course a little damp but nothing out of the ordinary for golf in the UK.

The shoes performed well across all terrains; slightly wet, dry, the rough and even deeper rough (sigh). At no point were there any slips or lack of control with my foot placement, the six cleats combined with the rubber spikes proved a great combination. The heel of the shoe is well supported, the mid sole comfortable and the toe nice and solid. They performed well in the wet patches of the course, maintaining a secure position without bringing on board any unwelcome water.

There was sufficient flex in the shoe, allowing for shock absorption and energy return throughout the golf swing with minimal loss of energy. It felt like a shoe a physio would recommend for good walking mechanics.

callaway golf shoes

The design also offered a lot of support through my heels and at the sole of the foot which was marketed as ‘forefoot reinforcements combined with crush-foam raised wall’. In other words, very comfortable and stable.

Callaway’s detail of a sleek toe profile, maximum torsion support, and energy return properties all contributed to me finishing the round only considering the amount of golf lessons required, and not tired feet or sore ankles.

The 19th hole

Due to the cleats on the sole these shoes are designed for the course and not so much the clubhouse or around the house. That said, you buy golf shoes primarily for the golf course and I can’t question the comfort and stability the shoe offered. 

callaway mav x

In summary, these will be my go to shoes for the winter or slightly adverse conditions. The colour wasn’t my first choice, but there is also a navy and white option available on the Callaway website which would be suitable alternatives. 

The price point of thee shoes is high at £159.99, however I have no doubt that you would get your moneys worth for them. A strong, sturdy build, and if well looked after could easily get you through multiple seasons of golf.

Fit: True to Size
Style: Traditional/All Weather
Out of Box Comfort: 10/10
Stability: 10/10
Value for Money: 9/10

Callaway Mav X Golf Shoe Review: The Details

Available: Now
RRP: £159.99

Sizes: UK 6.5-13 (inc. half sizes).
Colours: White/Navy/Black
More info: Callaway Website


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Tom Bullough

Tom is a former professional rugby player (not that he likes to be defined by it) turned avid golfer. Who once went viral on twitter for a very impressive display of the shanks. He loves all things equipment and is often caught in the office eyeing up yet another driver. He plays off a handicap of 15.6 which he doesn't like reminding rounds up to 16.

Handicap: 15.6

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