Hannah Holden says she was 'instantly hooked'. But why? Watch her review to find out

Callaway are back with the latest iteration to their Jaws wedge line-up and this time they’re raw.

Callaway Jaws Raw wedges review: First Impressions

These look incredible, I have managed to get my hands on both a Chrome and Black offering and both look stunning. I really like the more rounded shaping these wedges provide behind the golf ball as well.

Callaway Jaws Raw wedge review

Callaway Jaws Raw wedges review: The Technology

The latest addition to the Jaws family features the most aggressive grooves Callaway have ever put in a wedge. This is part of the story to achieve maximum spin, helped by the new Raw finish on the club face.

Callaway Jaws Raw wedge review

The razor sharp grooves have a 37° wall angle designed to give you more spin on half and three quarter shots. The grooves also feature offset groove-in-groove technology. Micro-milled grooves are positioned at a 20° angle to add spin on chip and lob shots.

Callaway Jaws Raw wedge review

The wedges also feature tungsten technology for the first time. This is designed to make the wedges more balanced for better feel and control. Each loft has specific tungsten weightings to move the centre of gravity for optimal control. Variable hosel lengths are also used to control the CG and trajectory as well as providing more forgiveness.

There are SEVENTEEN different loft and bounce options available in the range. This includes the brand new Z grind. This is a more forgiving low bounce option. It has an aggressive leading-edge chamfer that improves turf integration. It also helps to reduce digging as it allows the club to slightly skid off the surface.

Callaway Jaws Raw wedge review

The wedges can also be customised via Callaway Customs. There are 13 colour options to choose from as well as medallions, emojis and a variety of stamping options. Perfect if you want something really unique!

Callaway Jaws Raw wedges review: NCG Verdict

Given there are 17 different iterations of this wedge, I would have been hard-pressed to try them all. I opted for an S grind and a Z grind in two different lofts to see what the difference in performance was.

Callaway Jaws Raw wedge review

Straight away, these were spinning a lot. My ball was zipping back down the green for fun on full shots. But I was most impressed with the one check and stop grip I was getting on shorter chips.

The S grind is a fairly full sole, and I found it worked nicely for standard square face chip shots or when you wanted to shut down the face slightly. I think this works nicely for your less lofted wedges, mainly used for full shots and standard chips. I wouldn’t choose this on my lob wedge when you need to hit shots that require the face to be opened up excessively.

Callaway Jaws Raw wedge review

I had never tried a Z grind before and I was instantly hooked. It shouldn’t be that easy to open up the club face and hit high-nipped chip shots. What an incredible sole grind for players who really want to manipulate the face and hit a variety of shots. It was also extremely consistent out of bunkers and the lower leading edge meant you didn’t get that bad feeling that you might thin the ball if you really opened up the face.

Callaway Jaws Raw wedges review: The Details

Available: Now

RRP: £169 (steel) £179 (graphite)

Lofts: 46°, 48°, 50°, 52° 54°, 56°, 58°, 60° & 64°

Grind options: Z, S, W, X

Stock shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold Spinner 115g (steel), Project X Catalyst 80g (graphite), Women’s UST Recoil (graphite)

Grip: Lamkin UTx Charcoal Grip

Colours: Raw Face Chrome & Raw Black Plasma

More information: Callaway website

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