LONG TERM TEST: Forged Callaway wedges

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We put Callaway's latest better player wedge through its paces...

When I first picked up this club, the first thing I noticed was how heavy it was. It seemed very heavy towards the head.

However, over time, I got used to this and was surprised to see how delicate I could be with the club.
I read that this wedge was aimed at better players, but it certainly doesn’t look or perform that way if you ask me. I think the head is large and inviting – even for someone like me who is petrified of a short lob!

There wasn’t really a shot I didn’t back myself to play once I was in range. The tightly packed grooves on the face definitely allow for maximum control and spin, making the club a good option from fairway, rough or bunker. There wasn’t really a shot I didn’t back myself to play once I was in range, testament to just how many options the club provides with its forgiving nature.

The big turn off for me, though, is the copper finish, which looks a little cheap and isn’t in keeping with any iron sets I’ve ever seen. However I can see why some people would like the antiquated, old-fashioned nature of the wedge – something that purely comes down to personal preference – and also know that a black nickel finish, which is definitely more up my street, is also available.

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