Our Callaway Epic Pro irons review took place at the Golf Shack at Moor Allerton in Leeds.

We also tested out the new Callaway Epic hybrids but were unable to get hold of the regular Epic irons ahead of this test. We have them now so stay tuned for our verdict on those.

Both these irons caused a bit of a stir due to their premium price point. A full set of either will set you back around £1,700.

Callaway took a ‘no expense spared’ approach to theses irons using new materials and technologies. So there is a reason why they cost a lot to buy – they cost a lot of money to make.

And if you can’t afford to buy them, don’t buy them. If you can afford them, read on to see if we think they are worth the money…

Callaway Epic Pro irons review – The methodology

With our Anonymous Big Hitter sunning his physique in the Caribbean, it was left to me to do the hitting.

I know what you’re thinking. What was a 17-handicapper doing testing irons with the word ‘pro’ in them?

Well we though it would be good to compare these irons with the Steelhead XR and Big Bertha OS irons to see how they fared from a forgiveness point of view.

The shaft was a Project X 6.0 – the same as I have in my current irons.

I also hit a range of shots with the 3-hybrid to see how they compared with the Steelhead XR and Big Bertha OS models we tested last week.

Callaway Epic Pro irons review – The technology

The heads feature a high-grade, lightweight and strong cast-steel construction that stiffens the body, particularly in the top line and sole, allowing the face to take on more impact load.

Callaway say this will create faster ball speeds, more distance and enhanced performance.

The CG (centre of gravity) position in each head is precisely and individually managed via a new injection process using a dense, heavy, tungsten powder.

This allows the CG to be exactly positioned from club-to-club.

The crown on the Epic hybrids is the thinnest and lightest material – weighing just 5 grams – Callaway has ever used.

This weight saved is then re-distributed into strategic locations to lower the CG and promote high launch and add forgiveness.

Callaway Epic Pro irons review – The results

I’m expecting a 145-150 yard carry with my 7-iron. I tend to hit my current irons fairly high – something which I’m constantly battling with from a technique point of view.

I wasn’t expecting these irons to go as far as the Steelhead XR and Big Bertha OS models.

It was a nice surprise to see these carrying about 150 yards and – on the good shots – the dispersion was really tight.

Callaway Epic pro irons review

I hit a couple of bad shots and saw quite a dramatic drop in distance. It’s my opinion that the Steelhead XR and Big Bertha OS models (and the regular Epic) will have better performance on this kind of mis-hit.

But the feel of the face is sensational. They have a really soft forged feel and sound which makes them lots of fun to hit. They were similar in feel to the PXG 0311 irons which I hit recently.

And the dispersion on the good shots was excellent. I’d say the grouping here on the good shots was much better than it was with the Steelhead XR and Big Bertha OS models.

The hybrid was a tad disappointing for me. But that was mainly because the performance of the Steelhead XR and Big Bertha OS models had been so good.

Callaway Epic Pro irons review

It just felt a little bit more like hard work to get the numbers I was looking for. The headshape is more compact than the other models so this hybrid may suit those who want to shape their shots a bit more.

I’m just after easy distance when it comes to my 3-hybrid.

Callaway Epic Pro irons review – NCG verdict

I loved these irons and would have no problem at all using them out on the course.

The long irons would probably be a different story but if I was a consumer and had £1,700 burning a hole in my pocket I’d be asking for 7-PW in the Epic Pro and 4-6 in the regular model.

The feel is absolutely delightful. You’ll have to hit them to know what I’m talking about. The look at address and in the bag is also stunning.

There was nothing wrong with the hybrid performance but for a player of my level I just think the Steelhead XR and Big Bertha OS models are easier to hit and go a bit quicker through the air – well they did for me anyway.


Epic Pro irons
Set: 3-PW with optional AW and SW
Shafts: Rifle Project X LZ 105 steel
SRP: £1,749
Available: June 16, 2017

Epic hybrids
Lofts: 18°, 20°, 23°, 26°
Shafts: UST Recoil 760/780 ES
SRP: £279
Available: June 16, 2017

More information can be found on the Callaway website.