This week it's the battle of the fairway woods with the Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero vs. Ping G410. Which performed best for our equipment editor?

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero vs. Ping G410: First Impressions

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero: Over the ball this has a much simpler club-face than the regular Epic flash, with just simple lines used. It sits really nicely behind the ball and gives you great confidence at address.

Ping G410: The first thing I noticed about this wood was the large shape and nice matt colouring. The face does look very shallow, which initially I was worried about, but quickly I found this wasn’t a problem and the shots I hit were all very consistent.

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero vs. Ping G410: The Technology

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero vs. Ping G410

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero: The Callaway Epic Flash fairway woods feature Flash Face Technology and are made of forged 455 Carpenter Steel to help provide more ball speed and distance for all levels of golfer.

Internal jaibreak bars stiffen the sole and crown of the club to promote faster ball speeds at impact by loading the face more.

It features adjustable weights which can be switched to move weight from front to back to adjust launch, spin and trajectory.

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero vs. Ping G410

Ping G410: The Ping G410 is designed to deliver fast ball speeds, with a penetrating trajectory while launching the ball easily.

The face is made of C300 maraging steel, which is one of the strongest alloys in the world. This allows the club-face to be machined extremely thin producing more flexing for increasing ball speeds, shot height and distance.

A high-density tungsten weight is featured in the back of the head and increases stability and forgiveness.

The centre of gravity is slightly forward compared to the previous G400 model. That provides faster ball speed while also offering maximum stability and forgiveness.

The club is designed so impact occurs higher on the face, increasing ball speed but with low spin for a long, penetrating ball flight.

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero vs. Ping G410: The Results

As you can see from the data below both fairway woods were providing very similar carry distances with only two yards of difference between them. The Epic Flash Sub Zero did end up longer on the total distance at 222 yards.

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero vs. Ping G410

The shaft in the Ping G410 was slightly lighter than in the Epic Flash Sub Zero and you can see this in the spin numbers – with the Ping spinning over 1,000rpm more than the Callaway. I recently tested the Ping with a different shaft which brought the spin down.

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero vs. Ping G410

The launch angle was higher with the Ping compared to the Callaway and this meant it was easier to hold when firing into greens but it did mean I lost some run out distance off the tee.

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero vs. Ping G410: NCG Verdict

Overall I enjoyed testing both of these clubs, they have different styles but look great over the ball. I found they were both easy to hit.

If you are looking for something to help you launch the ball easier and a club that would sit down on approach shots into greens then the Ping G410 is a great option. If, however, you are searching for extra yardage and lower trajectory I would look at the Epic Flash Sub Zero.

Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero vs. Ping G410: The Details

SRP: £269 (Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero); £249 (Ping G410)

Available: Now

More information: Callaway website and Ping website.