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An alternative to driver for those looking for more consistency off the tee or a strong fairway wood for better players

5 Is it a driver? Or its it a fairway wood?

Well, Callaway say the Bertha Mini 1.5 is both, depending on your ability level.


The Bertha Mini 1.5 in 12° features a shorter shaft and a compact head for those who struggle to control driver off the tee.

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It will also suit the better players looking for a few more yards of distance from a fairway wood.

The versatile 14° option is aimed at a wide variety of abilities as it offers higher handicappers something substantial which can be hit from the fairway.


I tested the 14° version and as a 17 handicapper, I was much happier using this off the tee.

The shape of the head and the proportions definitely say “mini driver” to me and it has the classic Big Bertha alignment aid.


The Mini 1.5 features Callaway’s forged hyper speed face cup to increase ball speeds all across the face.

And from the outset, I was getting really good speeds. You can really feel the ball coming fast off the face and there is a very pleasing sound.


On the whole I also found the Mini 1.5 to be forgiving on shots closer to the heel but at the same time I found it relatively easy to find the middle of the face.

I did try hitting a few shots off the deck but it just didn’t suit my eye and seemed like there was a large part of the face which just doesn’t get anywhere near the ball.

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this is a high class, high quality product which delivers excellent results” If it was sat up in the first cut of rough, it could be a good second shot option on a par-5 but I don’t think I’d opt to hit it off a tight lie.


As you’d expect, the ball flight when hitting a 14° “driver” off a tee was quite high so wouldn’t be ideal in windy conditions.

The main positive for me though was the consistency. If I cut across one slightly the ball didn’t go anywhere near as far right as I’d expect to happen when hitting a “normal driver”.

The distance was impressive too. I was getting the ball out to between 220 and 230 which would be an ideal option on a shorter par 4.

Callaway’s full Optifit Hosel adjustability in both options gives players the opportunity to get dialled in with a proper fitting.

The shaft I was trying out was a Mitsubishi Kurokage, which is the stock option, in a 65g stiff.


This was a tad heavy for my preference but I still found it easy to swing and find the middle of the club face with regularity.

In conclusion, the Bertha Mini 1.5 has wide-ranging appeal. I think the 12° version would be a good option off the tee for golfers of all abilities while the 14° is a great option for the higher-handicappers off the tee and will provide a strong fairway wood option for the better player.

At £249 you are practically paying “driver prices” but as you would expect from Callaway, this is a high class, high quality product which delivers excellent results.


Lofts: 12° and 14°
Stock shaft: Mitsubishi Kurokage (Speeder 565 also available)
Left-handed?: Yes
Available: May 29, 2015
SRP: £249

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Callaway Bertha Mini 1.5

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