We've finally arrived - shorts season is here! Ben Outhwaite injects us with another dose of Callaway Apparel in his All Over Chev Print Shorts review

I alluded to the incoming warm snap in my review of the Callaway All Over Chev Print Polo shirt, but now it’s official. The sun is here, and with that, it’s time to review some shorts.

Callaway All Over Chev Print Shorts review: NCG Summary

5 star review

These shorts emanate comfort and versatility and are the perfect companion for your round during a hot summer’s day.

I’ll be honest: I can’t stop wearing them. And I don’t need to reveal whether or not they’re the best I’ve ever worn – you can decide that by reading my review.

Now’s the perfect time to invest in a decent pair of golf shorts for the warmer months of the season. Just make sure you snap these up before everyone swoops in to do the same!


  • Extremely soft and supremely comfortable stretch fabric
  • The shorts were true to fit and the Covered Elastic Waistband was a big part of this.
  • Endless off-course versatility


  • Additional brighter colour options would be a bonus, but I’m nitpicking

Callaway All Over Chev Print Shorts

Now: £50

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Callaway All Over Chev Print Shorts review: First Impressions

When I opened these shorts from the packet, the polyester felt buttery smooth to the touch. I’ll get onto their appearance in a minute; I’m still getting over how great they feel.

They were also stretchy, which is something I demand in my golf pants. The last thing I want are tight-fitting shorts when I’m bending over to pick my ball up out of the hole.

I got to review the shorts in a neutral colour – caviar to be precise. They also come in peacoat and infinity; the latter being a very pale blue.

And as the name suggests, the oh-so-familiar Chev Print pattern is back; almost synonymous with the golf course, and certainly synonymous with Callaway Apparel.

They also felt sturdy, mainly thanks to the strong metallic button that sits in the middle of them. Traditional buttons can feel flimsy, especially when they’re being used to play a sport. I’ve had numerous occasions where they’ve snapped off halfway through a round, so seeing this feature was a welcome sight. It also bears the Callaway logo on it.

I opted for a 30-inch waist in size. Usually, I wear a belt with golf trousers and shorts – because they look great and are handy – but I didn’t need to with them. They’re stylish and fit perfectly. Talk about economising.

I actually have a fair few golf shorts – but none of them are branded, so I was keen to see if the step up in price was justified.

It’s been a long time since I last wore shorts on the course. Winter hasn’t been the most treacherous one we’ve had, but it’s been bitterly cold at times with lots of rain. I couldn’t wait to try these out!

Callaway All Over Chev Print Shorts review: On The Course

I tested these shorts on a dry, mainly sunny day with the odd patch of cloud floating about. It was about 20 degrees celcius for the duration of my round, so definitely shorts weather.

I say that on behalf of mere mortals like me anyway. I still don’t understand those people who wear shorts in the pouring rain during February. But you know what they say about northerners…

They just felt right as soon as I put them on. I’m only going to use one cliche here: like a key fitting into a lock.

As I said earlier, I went all-out Callaway on testing day, pairing the shorts up with the Callaway All Over Chev Print polo. It felt great.

Let’s talk about pockets. There are four altogether; two at the side and two along the back. Plenty of room for all your nefarious golfing needs. They’re deep and stretchy too, which is a bonus.

The shorts feature stretch properties for a full range of motion, ideal for helping you to swing your club hard and fast like the pros.

They also do their bit for the planet, being made from an eco-friendly fabric.

I expect these shorts will get worn a lot during the height of summer, so do they have any anti-sweat technology? Spoiler alert: yes they do. Opti Dri moisture wicking technology is present, ensuring ultimate comfort and coolness when the weather does truly warm up on the course.

If I could, I’d have ten different pairs of these shorts. That’s how good they are. Sufficed to say, this piece of kit has set the mark pretty high for the rest of the season.

Callaway All Over Chev Print Shorts review: The 19th hole

I’ve worn these shorts a lot already, and not just out on the golf course.

I moved house lately. I wore them whilst I was shifting all my stuff.

I went out for my girlfriends’ birthday, I wore them again.

I wrote this review. They were still on me then.

It almost sounds like it should be a poem. I washed them in between of course. Callaway must spread magic dust on their garments, as they still didn’t crease after I washed them, nor did I have to iron them!

They’d be a cracking wear on a golf holiday aswell. Sure, the colour might not be the most eye-catching, but sometimes it just boils down to how well something performs over its looks. Like truffles.

The soft fabric makes these shorts suitable for wearing around your home too, and for me, the versatility of these shorts increases their value for money.

Fit: True to fit
Comfort: 10/10
Value for Money: 9/10
Sizes: UK waist 30-42
Colour options: Caviar, Peacoat, Infinity

Callaway All Over Chev Print Shorts

Now: £50

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Callaway All Over Chev Print Shorts review: The Details

Available: Now
RRP: £50
More info: Callaway Apparel Website

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