What are the top performing Titleist golf balls?

Titleist are best known for producing arguably the finest golf ball ever made, and their stellar reputation doesn’t stop there.

Regardless of your ability, swing speed, or general preference, Titleist have a golf ball suited to every player’s needs.

Sure, the Titleist Pro V1 might be the flagship model, but there are plenty of other options to choose from if you’re wanting to join some of the best players on the tour in gaming a Titleist golf ball.

Fortunately for you, we’ve made this handy buyer’s guide to help you pick a Titleist golf ball that suits your game. We’ve even included a link below each product so you can buy a box right now!

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Best Titleist golf balls

Best overall Titleist golf ball

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball

The Titleist Pro V1 is the golf ball that changed the game. First released to an unsuspecting golfing world all the way back in 2000 it brought a hitherto unseen combination of speed, distance and control. Soon enough the golf club technology caught up, and the era of the high launching, low spinning drives had arrived. Perhaps the most amazing part about the Pro V1 golf ball was that despite its super low spin off the tee, greenside controlled remained superb meaning that for the first time ever, golfers had the best of both worlds. 

Key Features:

  • 2021 Pro V1 Features The First All New Dimple Pattern In Over A Decade. 
  • Extremely Low Spinning in the Long Game 
  • Incredible Control Feel & Spin in the Short Game 
  • Produces a Lower Spinning More Penetrating Flight Than The Pro V1x 
  • Feels Softer Than The Pro V1x 

Best value Titleist golf ball

Titleist Tour Speed Golf Ball

The 2022 Tour Speed Golf Ball from Titleist is the ideal choice for golfers that want to perform their best without a premium price tag. Titleist Performance Urethane (TPU) combines with a proprietary casing layer and a reformulated core to produce an incredible combination of speed and spin to cover any shot, tee to green. This superb all round golf ball delivers long distance, a penetrating flight, optimised short game spin and a lovely soft feel. 

Key Features:

  • Reformulated High Speed 1.550” Core Formulation
  • Proprietary High-Flex Casing Layer
  • Performance Urethane (TPU) Cover
  • 346 Quadrilateral Dipyramid Dimple Design

Best soft feel Titleist golf ball

Titleist AVX Golf Ball

The new AVX golf ball offers even longer distance, more control and higher ball speed on all shots. The flight of the ball is piercing with very low spin, perfect for those seeking to add distance to their game. The core is even larger than before and low in compression for a soft feel, with greater ball speed for premium distance performance.

Key Features:

  • Thinner Cast Urethane Cover
  • Larger, Reformulated Low Compression Core
  • Catenary Aerodynamic Dimples
  • Redesigned High Flex Casing Layer

Best distance Titleist golf ball

Titleist Velocity Golf Ball

The Titleist 2022 Velocity Golf Ball has undergone a significant overhaul from its predecessor and now offers the golfer even more distance, speed and feel. The LSX core produces faster speeds on full swing shots a delivers the longest distance in the Titleist range. The new NaZ+ cover has been created to improve greenside feel, allowing the golfer to play with more touch on those crucial, delicate shots around the green that can save your score. A 350 octahedral dimple design produces a consistent a high flighted trajectory which allows golfers to maximise distance on tee shots, and stop the ball more quickly on approach shots. 

Key Features:

  • Longer Distance
  • Extremely Low Long Game Spin
  • High Flight on All Shots
  • Playable Greenside Feel

Best Titleist golf ball for spin

Titleist Pro V1x Golf Ball

The 2021 Titleist Pro V1x golf ball benefits from brand new aerodynamics, casing layer, cover and core technologies all of which will see this superior ball excel from Tee to Green. The redesigned soft cast Urethane Elastomer cover brings a much softer feel to the Pro V1x than ever before and brings unparalleled greenside control. The casing has been made faster which enhances ball speed and lowers long game spin still further and the 2.0 ZG Process Core has been reformulated to increase overall distance. 

Key Features:

  • Higher Ball Flight & Higher Spinning Than The Pro V1 
  • Slightly Harder Feel Than The Pro V1 
  • Ideal Performance For Golfers Who Want To Launch The Ball High 
  • Also Available in Standard White  or New Enhanced Alignment Version 

Best alternate Titleist golf ball

Titleist TruFeel Golf Ball

The Titleist TruFeel has cemented its place as the ball of choice for the mid to handicap golfer. Redesigned for the 2022 season, the TruFeel golf ball now produces more distance than ever before thanks to a larger and faster core and high performance aerodynamics. The extra distance has not been at the expense of feel as a reformulated TruFlex Cover delivers the softest feel of any Titleist golf ball and also delivers excellent control and the important touch shots around the green. This is a true all round performer and will surely be one of the most popular golf balls over the next couple of years.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-Soft Feel
  • Longer Distance
  • Excellent Greenside Control
  • Trusted Quality and Consistency
  • Larger and Faster TruTouch Core

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