High quality irons doesn't always mean a high price tag

As you’ll probably be aware, a new set of irons is one of the most expensive purchases in golf, but it’s one you quite literally can’t go without.

But as with all purchases, you can get your money’s-worth whilst walking away with a quality product if you go about it the right way.

Don’t assume that because a product is low price it means it’s not as good as the expensive version.

In this buying guide, we pick out the best golf irons on a budget that will give you maximum value for money.

Whether you’re wanting to get started in golf or even if you’re simply wanting a new set of irons for the season, there’s no excuse!

But if you’re hungry for more distance, why not head over to our best distance irons buying guide? Or if it’s a new driver you’re after then read about the best golf drivers for distance and forgiveness right here

So what are the best budget irons in golf? Sit back, grab a coffee and allow us to reveal all…

The best budget golf irons

Wilson D9 Golf Irons

These new Wilson golf irons and a huge step forwards in the design of game improvement distance irons. Wilson used a revolutionary approach to iron design when creating the D9 irons and a generative process saw them design and test hundreds of differing D9 head shapes and Power Hole configurations in the pursuit of increased performance. The result is a high performance set of budget game improvement iron that has the potential to take your golf to the next level.


  • Superb ball speeds
  • Great bang for your buck
  • Confidence Inspiring Midsize Head


  • Lightweight feel may take a bit of time getting used to

Cobra AIR-X Golf Irons

Whilst most golf companies make game improvement irons that feature significant levels of offset, none offer quite the level of offset found in the Cobra AIRx irons. The head is set well back from the shaft which will have a huge effect on the amount of slice spin imparted on the ball, drastically straightening the flight up and producing longer distances as a result. Distance is further enhanced by the addition of a variable thickness face which is thinner in the heel and the toe to help maximise ball speeds on shots that have not been struck from the centre of the face.

The Cobra AIRx irons have also been constructed from much lighter materials than are usually used, with the AIRx iron head far lighter, the shaft weighing a mere 48g’s and the grip just 41g’s. This supremely lightweight construction allows for increased clubhead speeds and can be extremely helpful to golfers that struggle for speed. The low-profile design of the head also helps to improve the initial launch required to maximise distance for slower swing players. These are one of the best sets of budget golf irons in 2022.


  • Lightweight Design Allows For Increased Clubhead Speeds 
  • Back/Heel Weighting Creates Stability & Adds Draw Bias 
  • Forged Face Maximises Ball-Speeds On Every Shot


  • Not available in One Length

Cleveland Launcher XL Golf Irons

The Cleveland Launcher XL iron set offers something as standard that many golfers try and achieve when purchasing split sets of golf clubs with the longer irons offering more help with ball striking and forgiveness, and the shorter irons offering much more in the way of control. Cleveland have achieved this by producing the 4-iron through to 7-iron in an easy-to-use hollow headed design whilst the 8-iron to Gap-Wedge are precise cavity backs.

If you are a frustrated golfer that really struggles to hit quality long iron shots on an even semi-regular basis then the Cleveland Launcher XL irons could be the ideal choice to transform your game. Offering a confidence inspiring profile and a level of forgiveness in the long irons that is unmatched by any traditional irons, the Launcher XL irons are another superb addition to our impressive range of Cleveland golf equipment. 


  • Really easy to launch
  • Explosive feel off the face
  • Counterbalanced for increased club-head speeds 


  • Very long from heel to toe

Wilson Launch Pad Golf Irons

The invention of the golf hybrid was a game changer from many amateur golfers. Initially released as long iron replacement, these low profile, easy to launch clubs allowed them to hit towering distance shots from the fairway and semi-rough that had previously been unachievable. Over the past few seasons manufacturers have started to expand the hybrid design into higher and higher lofts and now we have reached the point whereby you can now buy full sets of irons in a hybrid design. Wilson have certainly produced one of the best budget golf irons sets with this range.


  • Confidence inspiring looks
  • Easy to launch and swing faster
  • Effective in reducing the impact of heavy strikes


  • Will look too chunky for some

Tour Edge Exotics C722 Golf Irons

The Exotics C722 Ti-Utility Iron features a new compact shape with extra offset for the look, feel and workability of a traditional forged iron combined with the distance of a metalwood. A Beta Titanium L-Cup face wraps around the leading edge to act as a hinge for maximum power and ball speed. The club uses a unique Combo-Brazing technique to boost distance from fusing the titanium cup face to the heavier steel back of the club without welding. The hollow body design brings the best in perimeter weighting for enhanced weight distribution and maximum forgiveness. The C722 Ti-Utility Iron is the perfect long iron replacement for players who want faster ball speeds, lower spin and optimal sound and feel.


  • Clean, classic look in the playing position
  • Exceptional ball speed numbers
  • Affordable price


  • Loft configuration could create gapping issues

Wilson Deep Red Maxx Golf Irons

The Deep Red MAXX is a more powerful iron to create maximum distance, engineered 431 stainless steel heads, with mass concentrated behind the sweet spot for more ball speed performance. The wide soles moves provide a low centre of gravity for easy launch characteristics, with performance optimised shafts which deliver more accurate shots with all-weather grips for greater control.


  • Offers both distance and forgiveness
  • Strong launch
  • Performance-optimised shaft


  • Won’t suit better players

Benross Aero X Golf Irons

The Aero X irons in 6-SW from Benross Golf are designed to the highest quality offering top end performance at a great price. Nice oversize cavity head with Vista Pro 50 shafts and Lamkin grips as standard ensure a club that offers great control & forgiveness. Aero X is all about high launch and faster ball speed = more distance.


  • Confidence-inspiring topline
  • Good value for money
  • High launch angles


  • Not easy to shape the ball

Rife RX5 Golf Irons

These oversized 431 stainless steel irons deliver solid, accurate shots. They have a forgiving design and are highlighted with a premium chrome finish for long-lasting looks and performance.


  • Easy launching
  • Oversize head
  • Incredibly affordable


  • Thick topline won’t be to all tastes

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