Let it fly with our pick of the best golf tees

There are two certainties in golf: the need for a golf ball and the need for golf tees.

Every single golfer out there needs a golf tee, it’s a fact.

But there’s more to tees than you think – much more, actually.

They actually give you an advantage when you’re playing. Only the very best golfers are confident enough to not use a tee on a tee shot, but even the elites choose to do so because of how useful they can be.

They eliminate your club’s contact with the ground which decreases room for mistakes. Less mistakes made equals better performance, which means more strokes saved. You get the picture.

There are two main types of tees in golf: wooden tees and plastic tees. Most pros tend to use wooden ones; they are more eco-friendly and believe it or not their strength can outweigh that of a plastic tee.

On the other hand, plastic tees are much more flexible than their wooden counterparts; it’s almost impossible to break one as they bend rather than break.

Bamboo and rubber tees are also a thing, with similar properties to wooden and plastic ones.

We’ve rounded up what we think are the best golf tees that are a must-have if you’re the kind of person who buys them without thinking first. And what’s even better is they’re all available online, so you don’t have to venture out to pick them up.

The best golf tees

Oceantee bamboo castle tees

Introducing the way forward for the humble golf tee. OCEANTEE supply and deliver 100% sustainable bamboo tees that are durable, supple and longer-lasting than the usual wooden tee.

OCEANTEE source, manufacture and pack their tees in one location which reduces their ecological footprint. But why would they use Bamboo? Simply put, Bamboo can reach growth rates of up to 3.5ft per day without the need of any artificial interjections. Consider that this is 1000 times faster than Oak and you can quickly see the real benefits of using this sustainable material. And on the plus side, this fibrous grass is flexible, tough and less likely to snap than your standard wooden tee.

Key Features:

  • 100% Bamboo
  • Sustainably Grown
  • Zero Plastics
  • Tough & Durable

4 More Yards Extreme plastic golf tees

These durable golf tees have been developed using robotic field tests to improve distance performance. They have a highly durable construction that can last over 100 drives and are more flexible. The innovative design features a 6-prong tip which reduces resistance for better contact with the golf ball to improve performance. 4″ is the longest tee height allowed by the USGA and R&A and conforms to all specifications.

Key Features:

  • Durable Construction
  • Reduced Resistance
  • Improves Distance
  • Extreme Driver Height

Lignum composite wooden golf tees

Lignum are the first Tee with integrated height control – the innovative mechanism allows players to quickly and easily set up the same height over and over again.

Lignum Tees use specially developed environmental material for perfect stability. The easy exit system allows for simple and fast removal of single tees, with no package tear down. The Smart Bag is easy to store on the course and preserves.

  • More Durable Material
  • Height Control System
  • More Performance
  • Eco-Friendly

Pure Golf Online plastic pink graduated golf tees

The Pure Golf Online Step Tees (also known as Graduated or Castle Tees) come in a pack of 100 and are made of durable plastic. Using these tees will give a consistent tee height every time you tee up the ball. They are brightly coloured so they are easy to spot once they have been used off the tee.

Key Features:

  • Pink Plastic Castle Shoulder Tee
  • Brand – Pure Golf Online
  • 100 tees per pack
  • Overall height 60mm – Teeing up height 40mm

The Golfers Club plastic red graduated golf tees

Stock up your golfing pockets with enough tees before your round of golf with these essential golf tees. The tees have a durable construction set to different heights for better consistency in your golf game.

Key Features:

  • 30 Tees in the Pack
  • Graduated Tee Design
  • Better Consistency
  • Durable Plastic Construction

Pride Professional wooden golf tees

Stock up your golf bag ready for your next tee shot with these professional golf tees from Pride. These are perfect for modern oversize drivers over 400cc and come in a large pack of 50. The 4″ tees have a robust wooden construction in a highly visible colour to make it easier to find them after your tee shot.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for Drivers (over 400cc)
  • Strong Wooden Construction
  • Length: 4 Inches
  • Colour: White and Green

Champ Golf Zarma Fly plastic golf tees

MyHite tees are the preferred choice on major golf tours, they are 5x more durable than standard wooden tees to give you long-lasting performance. They provide increased distance performance and have contrasting colour rings around each tee to help you to set up your ball at just the correct tee height.

Key Features:

  • More Durable
  • Extreme Distance
  • 83mm Tee Height
  • Consistent Tee Height

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