BEST known for their market leading lasers, Bushnell have previously dabbled in GPS. Indeed, one of their flagship products is the Hybrid that combines a laser with basic GPS capability to offer the best of both worlds.

Now, though, they are introducing their first GPS watch – the Neo+. Waterproof and lightweight, it is simple to operate and comfortable to wear, giving accurate front/back/centre and shotdistance measurements on 25,000 preloaded courses worldwide with no membership fees.

The Neo+ offers over 14 hours of use before it needs a recharge The Neo+ offers over 14 hours of use before it needs a recharge, which even given modern paces of play should equate to at least three rounds (unless you’re playing on the LPGA Tour).

Additionally, when the product is functioning solely in watch mode, the battery can last over 12 months.

It is capable of instantly recognizing courses and has an auto-hole advance feature which automatically updates from one hole to the next as you progress, saving you the trouble of glancing down for a quick yardage only to find the dreaded 999 yards reading on account of the GPS thinking you are playing another hole.

SRP: £159 (in black or white)