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Three Bunker Mentality garments for style and performance this winter

Here at Bunker, Modern British Golf style drives our desire to make the best in golf apparel, but our love of the game means we want every performance advantage an outfit can give. So while the average golfer isn’t the size or shape of the latest athlete off the Tour production line, we can produce clothes that give that little extra while retaining a sense of style on the course.


The CMax Golfadelic polo on show here is made with a soft, lightweight fabric which contains moisture wicking properties and Quickdry technology. This takes any moisture away from the body and allows it to evaporate away. Fabrics with a high polyester content will serve this purpose and help you feel more comfortable on the course. With the Golfadelic print you also get to bring a bit of sunshine to your playing partners lives!


The Jetback trousers in Bunker Blue tick all the boxes. Made with lightweight super fine blue mercerised cotton you get both comfort and stretch while the cut is a chino style relaxed fit meaning you get freedom of movement be that mid-swing or picking your ball out the hole. Fit and stretch are two factors vital for most golfers as in our game one size certainly doesn’t fit all. Another great feature on these trousers is a non-slip silicone strip around the inside of the waist band that stops your shirt from sliding up during your swing.


The final piece here is the Hombre jacket, our take on the Harrington jacket made famous by Steve McQueen. It’s a little known fact that the Harrington started life as a golf piece and we’ve kept the spirit of the original with its cropped length and ribbed cuffs while incorporating a laminated polyester weave fabric that permits 360 degree stretch and incredible freedom of movement during the golf swing. In addition the Hombre is light weight, wind proof and shower resistant. In cooler months a multi-functional top layer with freedom of movement will really let you concentrate on the golf rather than the conditions.


Three things to take away from this outfit of the month – other than how great Bunker Mentality gear looks!

1.     Fabrics with a high polyester content will wick moisture away from the body

2.     Getting the right fit and a stretch in the fabric is vital in golf trousers

3.     A multi-functional top layer lets you concentrate on the golf, but make sure you have freedom of movement

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