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Winter's here so it's time to wrap up warm without compromising style

Fair-weather golfer or not, once the clocks go back and the temperatures start to plummet everyone dives into the wardrobe for those extra layers.  

The trend on Tour in recent years to deal with colder conditions has been to wear long sleeve baselayers under polo shorts.  

Bunker Mentality class this as a heinous crime against fashion!  So, here is their guide to dressing top to toe for winter warmth.


Never underestimate the benefit of a good hat. People will tell you that you lose most of your heat from your head, but actually that’s a myth!  

In actual fact, it’s only around 20-30%, but that’s a good enough excuse to invest in a leather badge grey marle bobble hat, which reminds us all to “wear it well”.

Upper Body

Start with a good cotton polo shirt such as the BM King logo polo in Tangerine.  Cotton clothing protects against cold in the winter by providing thermal insulation by trapping air between the fabric fibres. 

The cotton fibres in clothing hold the fabric away from the skin, allowing even more air to be trapped between the skin and fabric which helps with insulation and comfort.

Next look for a jacket that is comfortable, playable and offers protection from the weather.  

Finally, for an extra level of warmth, Bunker Mentality recommends their Transformer Puffer Caddy.  This is like no golf gilet they’ve ever made before.  

Fully reversible, the main side is plain black in colour but the reverse side features an awesome 4 colour camo print.  It’s made from a fully wind resistant 100% Polyester and is down filled for incredible warmth where it counts. 


To complete the look BM have chosen the Sub 65 in sand.  This is a slim fitting cotton elastane trouser so again you’ll benefit from some natural insulation as well as enjoying a flattering fit.

Top tips for comfortable fashionable layering are:

1.If you want to get ahead get a hat!
2.Layer outwards not underneath
3.Cotton is a great insulator

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