Bubba Watson is a strange figure in the usually reserved and shy game of golf. Golf is a sport that is very much just so, it has things in a certain place, does thing in a certain way and tends to appeal to certain characters. You do get your mavericks and your players doing things differently, however if you looked at the world tops one hundred golfers, you wouldn’t expect to see big differences in actions and opinions amongst them.

Bubba Watson then has always been a bit of a rule breaker and has always been willing to do things differently. Whether it is the way he swings, the fact he is openly and unashamedly christian, that he wears bright colours and uses bright clubs as well as owing to his tendency to cry like a baby when he wins titles. He is a player who stands out and one that does so with an ease and a self assuredness that has won him many fans.

Watson has recently started using a pink golf ball in some of his promotional photos and social media posts, he is a player who wants to be more than just another golfer. This could be a mark against him, this could put a big target on his back and make players want to beat him more than usual. However, he has the talent to go with his flair, he has the game to back up what he does and he doesn’t just talks the talk, he also walks the walk.

He showed just how talented he is and what great form he is in as he swept to the WGC Match Play title in Mexico last weekend. This has led to a rush of excited punters backing the talented American, using spin palace sports free $200 bet, to take home one of golf’s biggest prizes, The Masters, which begins on the 5th of April.

The question is then, can he win the masters, can he throw the green jacket on and capture the first major of the season. The case for Bubba mostly revolves around the fact that he has won it already, twice. He has shown that he can play well at Augusta, he can get his driver to sing on that hallowed course and can deal with the pressure down the stretch.

They say the hardest thing in golf is to get over the hump of winning your first major, you only have to ask Sergio Garcia about that, and Watson, having already won two can play with a confidence and calmness that can only come once you’ve reached the top. He will, of course, be one of many favourites, with Tiger Woods’s seemingly back in the frame as well as an in form Rory McIlroy also a candidate.

Watson though looks a good bet, he has the game, he has the experience, he clearly is in good form and is ready to compete again. It will be fantastic to watch this years masters with so many great golfers ready to battle it out.