American youngster Bryson DeChambeau has turned pro and signed a deal to play Cobra clubs and wear Puma apparel.

The 22-year-old, who became only the fifth player to win the NCAA Men’s Individual Championship and the U.S. Amateur in the same calendar year, will game the Cobra King F6+ driver which he used to take the low amateur honours at the Masters.

DeChambeau, who makes his pro debut at the RBC Heritage in Hilton Head Island, will be wearing Puma Golf apparel, accessories and footwear incorporating his signature Hogan Driver Cap and red, white and blue ensemble on Sundays.

His ball of choice is the Bridgestone B330s.

He will be afforded six more sponsors’ exemptions to try and earn his PGA Tour card for the 2017 season.

“I believe that I found the perfect partner in Cobra Puma Golf,” said DeChambeau.

“The brands complement my style, attitude and desire to be innovative, while allowing me to continue to be myself, and think outside the box. I’m really thrilled to be part of this cutting-edge and creative company.”

DeChambeau, known as ‘the Mad Scientist’ famously has all his irons at the same length (that of a 7-iron, 37.5in), same lie angle and same shaft.

He says it allows him to keep the same swing plane with each shot.

He also puts his golf balls in a bowl of Epson Salts to balance each one. He will then spin the ball and the out-of-balance one will wobble to where the low point or heavy side of the ball is due to the centre of gravity not being in the exact centre.

Then he puts 60 milligrams of lead tape to see if the ball then flips back over. If the ball is more than 60mgs out of balance then he won’t play it. Supposedly four out of every dozen are taken out.

“Bryson has this unique combination of talent, ingenuity and personality that makes him such a dynamic golfer and a great fit for the Cobra Puma brands,” said Robert Philion, President & CEO of Cobra Puma Golf.

“Right away we noticed his progressive approach to the game, which is rooted in science and art, along with his passion and dedication. We can’t be more thrilled to have him as part of our family.”

What’s in Bryson DeChambeau’s bag?

Driver: Cobra King F6+ Pro 7˚ | Oban Kiyoshi Tour Limited 70X | 45 in” | weight removed

3 wood: Cobra King F6 14.2˚ | Oban Kiyoshi Tour Limited 70X | 43 in” | 61.5 o

Utility: KING Utility Iron 18.5˚ | Project X HZRDUS Black Hybrid 6.5 105x

Irons: Edel Prototype (3-P) | KBS Tour C-Taper Lite 115X, Lofts: 25˚ (3), 30˚ (5), 34˚ (6), 38˚ (7), 42˚ (8), 46˚ (P)

Wedges: Cobra King V Grind 50°, 55° and 60°

Putter: Edel “the Brick” prototype

Ball: Bridgestone B330s

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