Bryson DeChambeau joined a bunch of kids while playing popular online game Fortnite – and continues to be the gift that keeps on giving

One of Bryson DeChambeau’s favourite pastimes is gaming– mainly on Fortnite which, if you’re related to anyone under the age of 16, you’ll know is impossibly popular. BDC has been teasing for a while that he would show one game on Twitch – a live streaming service – and he’s finally found the time to do it.

Thanks to’s Luke Kerr Dineen for watching it all and bringing it to our attention, and Outside The Cut for putting together the best bits from the stream.

The full clip is below, but here are a few highlights…

“Do you like Bomb Chilli?”

“Yeah, only if it doesn’t give me the shits.”

What a question to kick off. And what an answer.

“How do you hit it further?

“Double check the lofts and make sure your lofts are good.”


“What did you buy with your first big PGA Tour money?”

“Well after I won the Championship I went and bought myself a Tesla – I leased a Tesla actually.

“You like it?”

“I don’t have it anymore that was three years ago. After I was started to move up in the world rankings I was able to meet and get in contact with the guys at Bentley and they’ve been an incredible partner of mine of mine for a long time. They are a part of the family now, it’s not just a business deal, it’s a partnership and a relationship that we’re gonna have for a long time.”

“Do you drive around in your Bentley?”

“Yeah, I’ve got my own. They are unbelievable – the Bentley SUV, the Bentayga is incredible. I got the GT though, I got that V8 GT right now.”

A reminder that he is talking to a CHILD. About his business dealings with huge car manufacturers.

“Bryse my 4- and 5- irons are the only ones I’m having trouble with…”

“Variable or normal length? Variable length or One Length? Idiot… IDIOT!”

And if that isn’t chaotic enough, he then starts yammering on about being a bot, someone called “Creepy Steve”, and lets out a huge burp.

Watch it in all its glory here.

He truly is the gift that keeps on giving.