Turns out it doesn't matter how much money you have, quarantine haircuts affect us all

We’re all having a hard time at the moment. Even Brooks Koepka, it seems.

Many of us are in lockdown, not allowed to leave our homes except for one Government-allowed piece of exercise – and for us golfers that means basically anything except our beloved sport.

On top of that, many of us have had to turn to family members or anyone else simply not qualified for jobs such as haircuts. And you can have all the money in the world – well, $25 million – and that fact still doesn’t change.

So here is Koepka’s fresh new trim courtesy of girlfriend Jena Sims…

If you were watching on mute, he says: “The good thing is I’ve still got my moustache.”

If that is the positive you’re taking from this, Brooks, there’s a problem.

Thinking of you all at this difficult time. Stay safe.

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