Reason for a Bridport and West Dorset Golf Club review

We go on holiday every year to the same spot so I have been driving past the entrance to the golf club on the way in and out of Bridport for the past eight years without ever playing the course.

On our visit this year I finally managed to smuggle a half-set of clubs away with me.

Bridport and West Dorset Golf Club review

Where is Bridport and West Dorset Golf?

About a mile east of Bridport on the spectacular Jurassic Coast. Some people will be familiar with the iconic coastline from the popular ITV crime drama ‘Broadchurch’ starring David Tennant.

What to expect

This is clifftop golf at its very best with spectacular views and some truly memorable holes.

It has many links characteristics which is what you’d expect being so close to the sea.

Bridport and West Dorset Golf Club review

There are blind shots, undulating and bumpy fairways, fast greens. It’s only the springy links turf which is missing.

Favourite hole

It’s hard not to say the 6th which is a short, vertigo-inducing, downhill par-3 capable of getting even a seasoned, seaside golfer’s heart racing.

But for those after something a bit more substantial, the 12th is a beast of a par-4 which requires a drive over the 7th fairway before an approach over a wall to a well-protected, narrow green. A four here feels like a birdie.

My best bit

Making a par at the last by which time the fog had got so thick we could only see about 30 yards in front of us.

Bridport and West Dorset Golf Club review

It’s not actually a bad thing though to pick a target closer to the ball rather than trying to take dead aim at a flag 175 yards away.

I also really enjoyed the par-5 16th which feels like going on a big-dipper and is another hole where a par feels like a real triumph.

What to look out for

Out of bounds on the first. There’s so much room to the left that you really don’t need to be flirting with it at all.

Bridport and Dorset Golf club review

The flag on the 10th was hidden behind a bush and cut very close to the front. Just take an extra club, no need to be a hero.

Watch out for the fairway on the 17th which slopes quite severely from left to right, putting what you think is a good tee shot into the left rough.

Bridport and West Dorset Golf Club review

Judging the speed of the greens was something we all struggled with during the round.

When I go back

I’ll hope it isn’t so foggy so I can enjoy the views on the back nine a bit more.

Bridport and West Dorset Golf Club review

Despite the conditions, I thoroughly enjoyed the round and felt like every hole was different.

If you’re ever on holiday in the area you need to get yourself booked on.