Golf, known for its sophisticated image and etiquette, has had its fair share of “hell raisers” throughout its history. These were fantastic players but gained notoriety for their off-course antics. 

John Daly

One of the most famous golfers known for his wild behaviour off the course is John Daly. Daly, a five-time PGA Tour winner and two-time major champion, known for his frequent visits to casinos, once claimed that he would play all seven hands at the blackjack table. When asked what he loved the most about gambling, he said, “I love the action, I love the adrenaline going in there.”  Presumably, he’s made the switch to online casinos now and visits the hottest sites for 2023 as he recently released the John Daly Scratch It And Win It 3×3 digital scratchcard. Whether you’re an experienced player or new to the scene, these new casinos offer a safe and secure environment in which to explore and enjoy the most recent games and technology, including digital scratchcards.

Daly’s colourful personality and rebellious streak made him a fan favourite but also caused him to be banned from the PGA Tour multiple times for inappropriate behaviour. Daly’s first suspension occurred in 1993 when he walked off the course during the Kapalua International Open. He also threw his scorecard at the scoring tent after scoring a 77 earlier in the year at the Kemper Open. 

He once said, “I try to think of myself as a lion, bringing down the kill, controlling the jungle. A lion controls his jungle.” Currently taking a break from golf after he recently appeared at the Cologuard Classic, he seemed genuinely excited about meeting American singer, pianist, and songwriter Billy Joel.

Greg Norman

Greg Norman, the Australian golfer nicknamed “The Shark,” was also known for his wild behaviour off the course. Norman was a successful player, winning two major championships and spending over 300 weeks as the world’s number-one ranked golfer. However, he was also known for his love of partying and extravagant lifestyle.

Norman’s business interests began during his playing career, however, in 2021 he was appointed CEO of LIV Golf Investments, a start-up company financed by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. His involvement in the LIV Golf Invitational Series has made him the most despised man in golf right now.

Tiger Woods said the only way to get the PGA Tour and LIV Golf talking is for Norman to step down as CEO and Rory McIlroy has echoed those thoughts stating that Norman “needs to go” for a compromise to be reached. Watch this space, but there’s no doubt Norman is a spanner in the works and is one of golf’s bad boys.

Tiger Woods

In terms of number of wins on the PGA Tour, Tiger Woods remains tied for first with Sam Snead, and boasts a long list of golf records to his name. Due to his backlog of victories, Woods is often considered one of the strongest golfers to have ever played the game. However, this did not prevent him from becoming a contentious figure at times.

In November 2009, the National Enquirer published an article implicating Woods in an illicit relationship with New York City nightclub manager Rachel Uchitel, who denied the claim. On November 27, Woods was driving from his Florida mansion in his Cadillac Escalade SUV when he struck a fire hydrant, a tree, and many hedges near his home. He suffered minor injuries and a careless driving ticket, but the story was just getting started.

Woods admitted to infidelity, issued an apology, and announced a break from golf for an indefinite period of time. While Nike and Electronic Arts continued to support Woods, a December 2009 study estimated that Woods’ actions cost shareholders between $5 billion and $12 billion. Since a devastating car accident in 2021, Woods has been nursing injuries for an extended period of time, but everyone wants to see him play again, and few would bet against a return to form.

Three golf hell-raisers that captured our attention over the years. While some may have frowned upon their behaviour, their colourful personalities and rebellious spirits have also made them beloved by many fans. 


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