Do you spend your time wondering how to stop three putting? Well Deana Rushworth talks you through the process of lag putting and how it is essential to get right if you want to lower your scores.

Personally I’m not a big fan of the dustbin lid mentality because if you aim for that and miss, you are further away.

I would much rather you try and hole your first putt and then if you do miss, you will then be inside the dustbin lid.

First of all I would read the green and check the slope, then I want you to line the logo of your ball up with the line of the break you think the golf ball will run down.

Once you’ve done that you can really concentrate on the putt itself. Have a couple of practice strokes looking at where you are going really trying to visualise the stroke.

As soon as your eyes come back to the ball I want you to make the stroke straight away keeping the image of the hole in your mind.

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