Do you have an inconsistent tempo when hitting iron shots? PGA professional Deana Rushworth is on hand to show you a drill that will help you improve your rhythm.

What tends to happen out on the course is that you can tend to lose your rhythm and lose your timing.

The drill that I’m going to give you is something that you can do practising but also is a great way to get your timing back when you are out on the course.

What a lot of people tend to do from the top of the swing, when they get a little bit tense they tend to attack it straight away with their arms and shoulders, and leave out the most important source which is your hips.

This drill is to get you using the hip from the top of the backswing first and then delivering your arms into the swing.

The 5 steps to perfect your rhythm with your irons.

Step 1

Take your normal stance and address the ball.

Step 2

If you’re a right handed golfer step across with your left foot.

Step 3

Take the club back.

Step 4

Step forward with your left foot back into the normal stance position.

Step 5

Then swing through.