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The Belfry's Nicky Lawrenson shows you how to get the correct posture when addressing the golf ball...

Good posture is key to a good setup. Nicky Lawrenson, an instructor at The Belfry, explains how to make sure you have the correct posture when addressing the ball.

Some golfers create their posture through the wrong bending points. To get good posture I’d really like to see you bending from the hip. There can be a tendency to bend from the stomach or the neck.

That then creates a much more of a rounded posture which makes the backswing much more difficult to execute. Another tendency is to have to much curve in the lower back.

Make sure you bend from the hips, keep your spine straight, flex the knees slightly and have the weight on the balls of your feet.

A simple exercise you can do to help your posture is to get a golf club and place the shaft just below your beer buckle and use that as a reference point.

From there you are going to feel that you bend forwards, have your weight towards the front of your fee and slightly flex your knees.

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