Driving the ball is one of the most important aspects of the game.

Sophie Walker talks you through the basics of becoming more confident with the big stick. From ball position, posture and where you should be standing, Sophie has it all covered.

Stance and addressing the ball

These are the common mistakes Sophie often sees with amateur golfers..

Pro advice

To make sure you have the correct posture and stance when addressing the ball with the driver make sure you follow Sophie’s key points below..

Now you have the correct posture the next issue to look at is the ball position and where you should be stood in relation to the golf ball.

The Ball position first of all should be in line with the inside of your front foot.

One of the major issues Sophie sees with amateurs is how close or far away they stand from the ball.

She has a clever little drill to help you with this. When you have addressed the ball and gripping on the club just drop the club down between your feet. Look behind and if the grip is just outside of your heels you are the perfect distance away from the ball.

If the grip doesn’t reach your heels you are to far away from the ball, and if the grip goes way past your heels you are then to close.

If you follow the basic steps from Sophie you will be striping it down the fairway in no time.