Mizuno have announced their new JPX golf ball aiming to delay ball descent when in flight.

The Japanese company worked closely with the Fukuoka Institute of Technology to create a new technology to slow down ball descent.

The new technology adds a cluster of micro-dimples around a large dimple to extend the time the ball is in the air therefore increasing ball distance.

“The micro-dimples have little effect at higher ball speeds generated at impact. However as the ball peaks and slows, they start to take effect. By stalling the descent phase just a fraction, we were able to increase the JPX’s overall airtime.” said Masashi Tamakoshi, Head of Golf Ball Development.

In addition to the new JPX balls, Mizuno is also releasing the MP-S and MP-X balls for better players.

Available: March

JPX: £35 per dozen
MP-S/MP-X: £50 per dozen

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