Have you ever wondered what drivers would be like if there were no rules to determine their size and the effect they have on the ball?

Personally, I have several times. In my mind, I have always envisaged a 2,500cc head with a face so thin that the ball rockets off at over 200mph.

I never thought I’d see the day that a prototype would actually be designed, though.

Indeed, a British team, formed by putting experts Zen Golf and 1983 land-speed record-holder Richard Noble, have done just that.

The group have created the Bloodhound driver, which aims to set a new record for carry distance, which currently stands at 408 yards and 10 inches, and is held by Karl Woodward, who is part of the team.


The driver is based on and named after a Bluebird-style speed car (above) called the Bloodhound.

They plan to attempt the record in 2015 on the Hakskeen Pan in South Africa.
Technical information hasn’t been released fully, but here are a few nuggets we were able to find out.

  •  The club face features a gutter-like gap and side fins that are designed to improve aerodynamics and maximise both stability and velocity
  •  Aerospace manufacturing technologies will be used and the club will utilise advanced composite materials
  • The shaft and grip are also said to be revolutionary and have been described as ‘a natural extension of the athlete’s body’. Think of that what you will¦

More can be seen over at www.zenoracle.com/bloodhounddriver