Golf equipment: The bag with the built-in trolley

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This innovative new product will save you lots of time...

Trolley experts Big Max have launched an innovative new product designed to save both space and time.

The Concourse is a refined, lightweight and compact trolley that is permanently attached to its golf bag. It sits flush to the bag’s surface and weighs just 2.1kg.

All it takes is a single touch and the trolley springs into life, making your journey from the car to the first tee as simple and quick as possible.

The bag it is attached to features a 14-way divider as well as a host of spacious pockets.

If you’re worried about how you would fit it in your boot, all you have to do is click off the wheels. The trolley then folds back into the bag and you’re good to go.

Expect to pay £329 for this innovative combination. Visit for more.
Big Max Concourse trolley and bag

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