We tested the Big Max Coaster Quad Brake trolley at Moor Allerton in Leeds. Conditions were dry and sunny.

First impressions of the Big Max Coaster Quad Brake trolley

I’d heard good things about the Big Max Quad trolleys and with Moor Allerton being quite a hilly course, I thought it would be the ideal testing ground.

It felt quite weighty when we took it out of the box but as you start putting it together you realise this is an incredible study and well-made product.

Big Max Coaster Quad Brake trolley
The wheels clip on with minimal fuss and the two-part folding mechanism couldn’t be easier to use. It has an adjustable handle to get it to the right height which is a welcome bonus.

With the four-wheel design, it feels incredibly stable before taking it on to the course.

Technology in the Big Max Coaster Quad Brake trolley

Big Max Coaster Quad Brake trolley
This trolley is packed with additional features which is what you’d expect for just shy of £800. There are also a range of extras which can be added such as a solar charging panel.

There’s automatic braking when going downhill and an electric parking brake which reinforces this trolley’s suitability for hilly terrain.

Big Max Coaster Quad Brake trolley
The display panel is very easy to operate so you can adjust your speed nice and gradually and change between the different distance measuring modes.

A battery level display, GPS holder and soft-grip handle add to the overall appeal of this product.

Performance of the Big Max Coaster Quad Brake trolley

This trolley really makes for stress-free golf out on the course.

It’s solid and reliable but very easy to navigate around tight spots thanks to the 360˚ front wheels.

We had no issues with controlling the pace and found the electric parking brake came in very handy as you could confidently leave it anywhere.

Big Max are market-leaders when it comes to push-trolleys and I think their electric offerings will take some beating when it comes to performance.

The only slight negatives are the weight and the cost.

However, the heavy weight is negated by the useful carry handle and the price is more then fair when you consider what you are getting compared with the rest of the electric trolley market.

Big Max Coaster Quad trolley

One might also argue that it is not the most stylish trolley on the market but functionality is surely the key factor when it comes to an electric trolley and this is as good as we’ve tested in that regard.


SRP: £799

For more visit the Big Max website HERE