Big Max Golf are an ambitious, forward-thinking company with a range of great products – with electric trolleys their biggest attraction.

We focus on three of their main options… including a brand-new model for 2012.

Big Max AutoFold

The AutoFold is a brand-new offering from Big Max for 2012.

Building on Big Max’s reputation for innovation in trolley design, the AutoFold 3 wheel trolley incorporates several brand new features.

With only one hand movement, the AutoFold folds to an extremely compact package with the collapsible front wheel tucking under the body and the Auto-Fix folding technology holding the folded trolley in place.

In the same way the trolley can be unfolded with incredible ease making it one of the most user friendly push trolleys on the market.

Incorporating features such as a deluxe organizer panel, including storage compartment and adjustable brackets to fit any golf bag, along with Big Max’s rigorous testing that gives a 5 year warrantee, the Big Max AutoFold offers style, technology and peace of mind for those who want to push.

Gliding over even the toughest terrain, the Wheeler makes the most of its fourth wheel, but when it’s time to pack away Big Max’s technology allows the Wheeler to fold down to 63 x 41cm.

Big Max IQ

The IQ is a trolley designed with the golfer in mind. Big Max’s incorporation of cutting edge technology while retaining the ease of use mean that the IQ lives up to its clever name.

There are three key features that set the IQ apart from the competition – its size, its weight and its folding mechanism.

Standing at just 61 cm high, 45cm wide and 38cm deep when folded, Big Max has produced what it believes to be the most compact three-wheeled trolley in the world – small enough to fit in any car boot with plenty of room to spare.

Big Max has combined this incredible folded size with its unique ‘one shake release mechanism’.

With just three clicks of the system lock the user can raise the IQ to full size within seconds and with only ‘one shake.’ The ‘one shake’ mechanism is made even easier by the fact that Big Max has designed the IQ to weigh in at only 6.9 kg – lighter than many empty golf bags…!

When unfolded and fully loaded, the IQ glides along the fairways with ease, benefiting from the stability of its 3 wheels and the rigorous laboratory and on course testing that all Big Max products have to pass.

Such is the level of and the company’s confidence in the durability of its products, the IQ comes with a 5 year warranty.

Along with the unique folding and storage benefits, the IQ is packed with features.

It comes complete with adjustable bag brackets, a handbrake for when stopping on uneven ground and a deluxe organiser panel that includes scorecard and bottle holder, tee and pencil holder, a ball marker and even a pencil sharpener.

Big Max Wheeler

Not content with producing some of the most technologically advanced 3 wheel trolleys, Big Max has added a fourth for the Wheeler.

Providing unrivalled stability on the course and packed with features, the Wheeler takes ease of use to the next level.

Gliding over even the toughest terrain, the Wheeler makes the most of its fourth wheel, but when it’s time to pack away Big Max’s technology again comes to the fore, allowing the Wheeler to fold down to 63 x 41cm.

This combined with a weight of just 8.3kg makes the Wheeler as practical as it is easy to use.

To add to the package, Big Max has incorporated features such as a hand brake, a high-tech organiser panel including storage compartment and a patent pending scorecard holder.

Big Max also includes its 5 year warrantee making the Wheeler one of the most advanced and practical push trolleys on the market.