Our Big Max Blade IP push trolley review took place on the course at Hillsborough Golf Club in Sheffield.

But a very important part of the review was in our office in Leeds where we took it out of the box and assembled it for the first time.

Sometimes we learn as much about trolleys when we take them to and from the golf course as we do when actually using them on the golf course.

Big Max Blade Ip push trolley review

Big Max Blade IP push trolley review – First impressions

The Big Max Blade Quattro push trolley was one of the best pieces of kit I tested last year.

The Austrian company’s latest offering is the Blade IP – a three-wheeled push trolley which shares a similar, clever folding mechanism to the Quattro.

Big Max Blade Ip push trolley review

When getting the Blade IP out of the box you immediately  appreciate the quality of its construction with a new carry handle for use when folded.

Big Max Blade Ip push trolley review

You do have to fold out the front wheel which makes it take a few seconds longer to open than the Quattro.

But there plenty of other tweaks and improvements.

Big Max Blade Ip push trolley review

There’s a built-in cup or bottle holder (other brands of still spring water are available) which sits just below a pop-open storage box, making it all a bit neater and more refined.

The Quattro has more of a netted bag which leaves me with a nagging feeling that something might fall out of it.

Big Max Blade Ip push trolley review

Another bonus of the Blade IP is a double parking brake to keep it stable on uneven lies.

Big Max Blade Ip push trolley review

We tested the Blade IP out with one of the superb new Aqua Sport cart bags which really matches up nicely from an aesthetic point of view.

It’s also incredibly lightweight, waterproof, has loads of pockets and generally feels like another premium piece of kit.

Big Max Blade Ip push trolley review

Big Max Blade IP push trolley review – The results

All the preliminary tests have been passed with flying colours.

When it comes to taking this trolley to the golf course, I love the way it can be put behind the driver or passenger seat of the car.

Big Max Blade IP push trolley review

I’ve got enough stuff in my boot (trust me) so being able to put the bag on the back seats with the trolley slid just in front of them is a bonus.

And when it comes to actually playing golf, the Blade IP glides effortlessly around the course – actually adding to the enjoyment of your round rather than hampering it.

Two things which really stood out for me were the drink holder and double parking brake.

Big Max Blade Ip push trolley review

The idea of having a cup of tea or coffee mid-round is great but how annoying is it when you don’t really know where to put it as you take your shot?

And then you can’t find a bin when it’s finished.

After testing the Blade IP, I then played a round with the Quattro, which only has a single parking brake, and found myself having to manoeuvre the trolley at certain angles to get it to rest comfortably on an slopey lie.

Hillsborough is a fairly hilly course so having the ability to lock down both back wheels means you can pop the brakes on anywhere and it’ll sit patiently and contently while you hit your shot.

Big Max Blade IP push trolley review – NCG verdict

Big Max Blade Ip push trolley review

I feel like I’m in a transitional period from carrier to trolley user.

I love being able to just grab my standbag before heading out to play without worrying about charging up batteries or loading more gear into my car.

But a product like the Blade IP is no hassle at all and I’ll actually look forward to using it.

The technology is incredibly clever and convenient. It looks great and glides almost effortlessly around the course.

Storage off the course is no problem as it can be slotted into a small space in your home, office or garage.

And extra storage space for on the course is a massive bonus as I’ll often load my pockets with more tees, ball markers and pencils than are necessary.

Big Max are really on top of their game at the moment so if you’re in the market for a top quality push trolley, they should be your first port of call.

Big Max Blade IP push trolley details

SRP: £299.99

Colours: Black/Red, Black/Lime, White/Lime, White/Red

More information can be found on the Big Max website.

James Savage

Former equipment editor of NCG. Inconsistent ball-striker and tea-maker.

Handicap: 17

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