Best part of being a professional golfer?

“Probably seeing the world.

“I’ve been all over the world because of golf and I’m very thankful for that.”

Worst part of being a professional golfer?

“Being away from your family.”

What’s your best shot?


What’s your worst shot?

“50 yard bunker shot.”

Best playing partner?

“There’s quite a few guys!

“I enjoy playing with Phil [Mickelson], Matt Kuchar, Tiger [Woods] and players like that.”

Worst playing partner?

“Graeme McDowell has kicked my butt that last few times I’ve played with him so – I enjoy playing with him – he’s the nicest guy in the world too but other than that I enjoy playing with him.

“He’s such a great competitor. Such a great guy, such a great person.

“But it’s love and hate.”

Funniest playing on Tour?

“Probably Matt Kuchar.”

Least funny Tour player?

“There’s quite a few guys – Jordan Spieth thinks he’s hilarious but he’s an idiot.”

Best hair?

“That’s a good one!

“I appreciate the fact that [Ian] Poulter takes so much time in getting it ready.

“And he want’s to look good. So I appreciate that about him.”

Worst hair?

“Probably Miguel [Angel Jimenez].

“He can make it work, but it’s not great.

“You wouldn’t wish that on anybody!”

Worst career performance?

“The PGA at Oakland Hills.

“I just played like a Donkey.

“But I couldn’t blame anything unfortunately!”

Best career performance?

“Probably my 62 at Congressional.

“Tiger beat me by one!”