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We sit down with the European Tour rookie and get his best & worst

European Tour rookie Byeong Hun An shocked the field at Wentworth to become only the third rookie player to win the BMW PGA Championships, and boy did he make it look easy!

We sat down with the rising star prior to the tournament to find out what he thought was the ‘Best & Worst’ of being a Tour player.

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What’s the best part of being a Tour Pro?

Worst part of of being a Tour Pro?

“Sometimes jet lag.”

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What’s your best shot?
“Recently I’ve been playing well inside 140 yards.

“It’s like a little 3/4 9 iron.”

What’s your worst shot?
“I’d love to get better with a wedge inside 100 yards!”

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Who’s the best playing partner?
“Mortiz Lampert.”

Worst playing partner?
“I don’t really have any! I try to focus on myself!”

Best course on Tour?

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Best hair on Tour?
“They change their hair every time!

“Everyone wears hats, so it’s hard to tell!”

Worst hair on Tour?
“I don’t see anyone! It’s really hard to tell!”

Most generous player on Tour?
[Thinks about it for a minute]
“Sorry I can’t really think of anyone yet!”

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Funniest player on Tour?
“I laugh a lot so everyone is quite funny!”

Worst career performance?
“The one’s where I’ve missed the cut.”

Best career performance?
“Winning the US Amateur.”

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