Big Austrian Bernd Wiesberger gave us five minutes of his time to give us his ‘Best & Worst’ of European Tour life.

It turns out that Bernd has a soft spot for a certain Mr Sullivan…

Best part of being a professional golfer?

“I think the best thing is that you can’t put it down to one thing.

“We play great tournaments against great guys – great players, on great courses, in great championships, in great countries.

“So there’s a lot of great things about it!”

Worst part of being a professional golfer?

“Not seeing friends and family as much as you’d like to.

“Technology has made the world a lot smaller, but we’re on the road a lot.”

What’s your best shot?

“Probably the 330 yard drive down the middle!”

What’s your worst shot?

“I think a long bunker shot like 40+ yards are difficult to control the distance.

“Easily one of the toughest shots you can face.”

Favourite playing partner?

“I’d probably have to say Andy Sullivan!

“He’s very funny guy!

“I remember playing in Dubai this year and he was shouting at his golf ball – ‘left, right, sit, go’ – at the same time. I was on the ground [laughing].”

Worst playing partner?

“Not particularly one person. I try to get along with everyone because we’re a big family out here.

“Just slow players – but nobody in particular!”

Funniest player on Tour?

“Andy Sullivan.

“We’ve got the same sense of humour and we’ve got paired up a lot this year. He’s a good lad.”

Best & Worst with Jamie Donaldson

Least funny player on Tour?

“Probably Thomas Bjørn if he’s just made a bogey!”

Best hair on Tour?

“Robert Rock.”

Worst hair on Tour?

“Tommy Fleetwood – right now – as in today!”

Worst career performance?

“It wasn’t too long ago! My first round in my home championship, in Austria.

“It’s part of the process of being a golf pro.

“Even at our level, your not safe from a bad round!”

Best & Worst with Gregory Havret

Best career performance?

“At my home event in 2012.

“The last 10 holes – they way I played there was the best under the circumstances and playing in front of a home crowd, friends and family.

“Given that I was a couple of shots back, to pick up the trophy was good.